Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wet Willies

Luke has been introduced to "wet willies," the "fun" past time of putting a wet finger in someone's ear and wiggling it around. For some reason, he has lately been saying "whatever" almost constantly...and yes, it's ANNOYING! We finally told him every time he says "whatever" he'll get a wet willie. Susanna reminds us constantly throughout the day that Luke "needs" a wet willie.

Susanna helped by making most of supper tonight. Of course, that mainly consisted of pouring rice into a casserole pan, stirring water and Watkins soup base, pouring it over the rice/chicken/ham, and sprinkling cheese on top, but she loved it and had so much pride in it. She also "made" dessert -- Watkins butterscotch and chocolate pudding, layered (butterscotch, walnuts, chocolate, walnuts, butterscotch, whipped cream) into fancy dessert bowls. Daddy made it all the more special by eating ALL his dessert (big surprise there!). We all waited until Susanna took her first bite...and I sure wish I'd gotten a picture of that! I didn't realize her little mouth could get so much into it!

Luke has been invited to his second birthday party....brothers Peter and Zach that came to his birthday party (and helped celebrate New Year's Eve with us) have a birthday party coming up this Saturday. Daddy will drop him off and spend a few special hours with Susi since I will be at a Women of Faith retreat (translated: I'll be spending the night at a local hotel with several other ladies from church, getting my nails and hair done, swimming -- probably before the hair and nails thing -- having pizza, playing games, gabbing until all hours, but also having a great time of Bible studies).

Oh, I don't know that I mentioned Susanna also made breakfast for us last Wednesday before I left for St. Cloud. She made a Watkins coffee cake....I told her how many scoops of flour and sugar, spoons of baking powder and cinnamon, she mixed the egg and milk, then stirred it all together and poured it in a pan. You should've seen the look of surprise and delight on her face when she saw the finished piece! And Daddy once again wiped out a good portion of it.....

Right now, they're finishing up a bath. I'm taking a break. Daddy is probably getting pretty wet.



precious grandma said...

I'm so thankful you have Tony (and the kids, of course)! He really is a good daddy as well as a hubby. I'm also thankful you appreciate him as much as you do. God has truly blessed you. Love you all.

Martha said...

Yeah, I tried that coffee cake as well! Never try to make a coffee cake in a hurry on a Sunday morning when the recipe is written out SOOOOOO incorrectly!!!

Combine first five ingredients??? Ok, so I dumped the whole cup of melted butter into one cup of flour, one cup of sugar, 3 tsp baking powder and vanilla?! Uh... I don't think so! But it was too late to fix it. I just ended up dumping everything together and it turned out to be a super, gooey mess. Funny thing is that even though it didn't look or taste like coffee cake, it was a hit! Go figure.

LindaSue said...

Mar, click on the TOP comment, not the one at the bottom....I made the same mistake as you did and couldn't figure out correct measurements...but it still turned out yummy (even though there was something not quite right....) -- can't wait to try the "real" recipe!

liz said...

So funny--I'm not sure I've ever thrown away a messed up recipe--we still try to make it work somehow!