Tuesday, January 6, 2009

January 7

Hard to believe it was five years ago. I was in labor three weeks early. A little one was impatient to get out and see the world. Luke still goes full throttle except when he drops from sheer exhaustion.

Luke's past year has been filled with all kinds of wonders and discoveries. He finished his first year of Cubbies. He developed friendships. He developed his own sense of humor...there isn't much sweeter than realizing your child is finally getting the humor in books, stories, and shows, even if he still doesn't really get jokes. What is sweeter, though, is when your child asks Christ into his life, to forgive his sins...and that was a sweet, joyous occasion for us this year.
Luke continued to be pure boy. He loves to flex his muscles and show everyone how strong he is.

He won a bike at Easter time...and there was no stopping him. Even with training wheels attached, the wheels barely touched the ground. I finally had to hide his bicycle helmet since he was still, IN DECEMBER, wearing it around the house.
He played hard. He played with gusto. He took bigger risks at the play ground.
Luke's biggest hero is his daddy....and he continued to walk in his Daddy's foot steps, often literally.
But he also loves his mama....and loves to help in the kitchen! Not a day goes by without him telling me at least three or four times, "I love you, Mama. I love you so much."
Luke became an even bigger helper this year on the farm, actually helping out! He started off by picking asparagus (okay, he wasn't that great of a helper there...but he sure does love the stuff!) then joining us in the Fourth of July parade.
He did help Daddy do some picking at the farm (although this photo was taken on a family weekend jaunt...where he put his picking skills to good work gathering about two quarts of raspberries...although only one made it past the field!)Luke did much better canoeing to Grandma LaMae's on Labor Day then he did four years ago...he actually spent a good amount of time rowing (and getting us a bit wet).
I think one of his biggest highlights, though, was when he decided to join the cast of our Pumpkin Parties as a little scarecrow...the only one who could successfully drive away the big, black crow (or penguin or duck, depending on what child you asked).....thank goodness, "Rocky" no longer terrified him!
But mid-way through the Pumpkin Party season, Luke discovered Davey Crockett...then Daniel Boone...and the little scarecrow was no more....but look out! He was still armed and ready to scare away that big ole crow!
Luke literally was a star at his Christmas program a few weeks back...and we had a few folks afterwards who told us it sounded like he was going to be the next preacher man.
But regardless of what he did, the fun he had, the places he went, the things he learned...there is no denying that he is all boy.
Our boy. Happy 5th birthday, Luke! We love you!!!


Martha said...

Happy Birthday, Luke! Five is such a fun age to be! Have a wonderful year growing older!

GramS said...

Happy Birthday to Luke!
This was a great overview of his life this year. I loved the pictures as well as your stories. He's growing up, and yes, it's fun to watch and be part of it all, isn't it?

liz said...

What a handsome talented young man! It will be a privilege to continue to see him grow. Happy birthday, Luke!

precious grandma said...

Oh, do I ever miss hugging him (and Susanna!) Give him lots and lots of hugs and kisses from us. Love your recap of his year.