Sunday, January 18, 2009

Snow Fun!

Yesterday afternoon it was "warm" enough to go play in the snow (it was up to about 16 degrees!), so the kids and I went outside to "get the stink off"
The climb was worth it, to get to the top of the big pile of snow!
This is a smaller pile, but just as fun to sit on and make snowballs to throw at Mama!

Aiming at Mama

This is FUN!!!


precious grandma said...

They look so healthy and happy! I'll take our warm home anyday, even though I'd love to play with the kids!

Martha said...

Thankfully my kids still have pretty bad aim! :)

GramS said...

This sure looks like the Toth kids from yesteryear, sitting on top of snow piles, enjoying the outdoors.
The bottom picture of Luke looks so Toth! So cute! Both of them!