Sunday, August 31, 2008

Do You Remember....

what my kids look like? Just in case, here are a few photos of them from the past month or so!

This is what happens when Daddy gets the kids ready for bed...and in case you're wondering what's on their heads, that's "overnight underwear"!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Labor Day weekend and the wrap up of summer...

This is Labor Day weekend; a weekend where, for many, it is the last "official" weekend of summer. School starts here in Park Rapids next week, although for many of you, it's already started where you live. You aren't supposed to wear white shoes after this weekend (I'm still not sure on the reasoning on that one...but for me, even if I wear white shoes once, they won't be white again...that's what happens when you live in the country on a dirt road with a dirt and gravel driveway!).

For us at the farm and market, this weekend is the busiest and craziest of the year. Yesterday, we couldn't keep up with produce at the market...they had to bring corn in three times, cucumbers and egg plant (I'm still trying to figure THAT one out!) disappeared as fast as we put them out, cabbage and tomatoes were in high demand, as were peppers, carrots, and beets. The dill was gone before noon, and pickling cucumbers vanish pretty much the moment we put them out. Watermelons (especially the yellow ones!) and muskmelons are a sweet addition to many of our customers' menus, and that's just the produce that WE grow! The cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini, and summer squash didn't move as fast, or maybe it's just that we have an abundance of them right now and are keeping up pretty well. Then, when it came to all our other goodies -- jams, jellies, honey, syrup, salsas, snacks and candy, and all kinds of fun kitchen gadgets -- our employees were running like mad to keep things stocked (but sorry, folks, we're all out of pickled sweet cabbage stuffed peppers for the year now...gotta wait until next year! And if you want any beet balls, there are only two jars left! Hurry in before they're gone.....)

And as crazy as yesterday was for the market (one of our afternoon employees had to be dropped off down the road since her mom couldn't drive close enough to the market!), historically today's sales are about 1/3 higher than yesterday's. It's a fun, busy, and exciting time for us! It's also such a blast seeing customer reunions -- at this time of year, we usually have three or four a week -- customers who grew up together but haven't seen each other for years, sometimes decades. We get our "regular" summer customers coming in one last time to load up on produce before heading home for the summer -- one family comes in each Labor Day weekend with a HUGE cooler they fill up with sweet corn as they head back to Alaska for the winter. Now there is something wrong with THAT picture....heading back to ALASKA for the WINTER???? Anyway!

I am so thankful for the business God has blessed us with. I'm thankful for our loyal customers -- long time ones and new ones. I'm so thankful that, after a slow start this year due to road construction and a cold spring, God has been abundantly blessing our business. But I'm even more thankful for the bounty He's provided from our garden, both for our customers and for us to eat now and save for the winter. I'm even more thankful for the employees God provided for us this year, both at the farm and the market -- they are AWESOME!; for my husband who works so hard and my kids who are following in our footsteps -- mingling and talking with customers (Luke informed some customers yesterday that our prices aren't cheap but they are good!), going with Daddy to pick corn, cucumbers, beans, strawberries, and more. I am thankful for each of you, for your prayers and encouragement as I've been going through health things this summer...and so thankful to God for giving me strength and endurance to get through each day, sometimes minute by minute!

After this weekend, things start to wind down for the year. We'll be closing in two months until next Spring! And while things slow down during the week, we're also gearing up for the fun and crazy Pumpkin Parties that are starting in just four weeks! So many new and exciting things for this year!

Come visit us sometime, whether you're from the area or not. Check out our website and see what you're missing -- -- we'd love for you to have a little taste of what God has blessed us with!

And for now, I gotta go...Luke is upstairs laughing at his dreams, and I'm going to have to wake them up soon so we can get going for the's gonna be a busy one!...but I'm gonna let them sleep a bit longer while I go take a shower.

Friday, August 29, 2008

More funnies...

My kids crack me up, especially Susanna. She is so dramatic in everything she does! As she talks to you, she accompanies everything with hand motions, facial expressions, and sometimes full body movement to give emphasis to what she is saying.

Tonight, bed time was late as it has been most nights this summer. We decided to forego the usual story-reading and instead each snuggled a little one while telling a story about when we were growing up. I started a story about when I was a little girl; Tony wrapped up a story when he was a little boy, but before we could start prayers, Susanna started her own story:

"Lasterday, when I was ten, I went to the pond to go swimming, but I fell in! It wasn't too bad, though. It didn't hurt."

Hands going up and down, back and forth, eyes getting wider, face very serious...while Tony and I tried to keep from cracking up in front of her. Meanwhile, Luke is almost asleep on my lap, but Susi wasn't done...oh no!

"Okay, Luke, it's your turn to tell a story about when you were big. Come on! Daddy and Mama told when they were little; I told when I was big, now it's your turn, too..."

He wasn't having anything except a request for a VERY short prayer and bed...which is where I'm heading now!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Taste of Fear

It was about a year ago that Luke started getting scared at night of the (to us) funniest things. Now, it is Susanna's turn. She's crawled into bed with us the past two nights, and although Tony takes her back upstairs, she's in between us again by morning.

I asked her today what she is afraid of (she comes in our room because she's scared). Get this. She is scared of a little tiny round pink girl (picture her making a circle with her thumb and index finger) who has yellow or white hair...and is named Susi.

Tonight, as we went over how she is going to stay in HER bed tonight and if that little tiny round pink girl with the yellow hair named Susi comes to her bed again tonight, she is to tell her that it is HER bed and she must go somewhere else ("Luke will tell her, Mama."), as we went over how God is with her and will take care of her because He loves her very much, she informed me that the little tiny round pink girl with the yellow hair named Susi is even bigger than her, but she is very little.

Well, it makes sense in at least one mind in our house.

Monday, August 25, 2008

More Morning Murmurings

Oh, I love that we still have a monitor in the kids' room and can hear what they say! (Okay, we'll take it out -- maybe -- by the time they're teens!)

This morning, Luke woke up first, which is pretty rare, and was mumbling cheerfully to himself. We heard nothing from Susi until Luke said, "Susanna, if you don't stop that talking RIGHT NOW, I'm going down to Daddy and Mama's room!" And a sleepy voice replied, "Okay, Luke." Then lots of giggles.

Pretty soon, "Luke, can I wear some of your pants and shirt? But not your underwear." "Sure, Susanna. And not my socks, either." "Well, Luke, maybe some socks, too." "No, Susanna, it is going to be hot temperatures outside today, so you do not need to wear socks." "Okay, Luke. I love you."

And shortly after that...."Luke, I got pee pee in my bed." "Yeah, Susanna, I did, too. Let's go tell Mama."

Oh, the joys of early morning in our home. At least that wasn't at 3:00 a.m. like one night (morning?) last week!

And how many of you ladies have ever looked in the mirror first thing in the morning and have been very thankful that your guy married you anyway? (Although, he probably didn't see what you looked like first thing in the morning before you were married...and definitely not first thing in the morning after you had kids!)

Or is it just me?

Keep smilin'!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wow, I'm on a roll!

Yep, another new blog! That'll teach those of you who only peek in once a week or so!

Today was church. I LOVE Sundays! It is a day of rest, a day to spend with other believers, a day of spiritual refreshment, a day of to be part of corporate worship for Most Holy God. Luke enjoys Sunday School but doesn't like Sundays too much because he can't play in the mornings. Susanna loves Sundays because she gets to dress up in beautiful dresses. Today I pulled out a dress for her that is a few sizes too big but is full of lace and ruffles. It comes almost to her ankles, and you can't really tell it is too big, and her face just lit up when she saw it. As she was putting it on, she informed me "People are going to see me and say, look at that woman in her beautiful dress!" After a quick whisper to Daddy, that's exactly what he told her when he saw her, only to be informed that Daddys and Mamas shouldn't say that, only other kids. She's had great fun spinning in circles to flair out her dress bottom and even wore "high heels" today!

Today Pastor Marty wrapped up his series for men of excellence (I think....). It's been a great series mainly based on Joshua's life on how a man of faith should live -- dealing with everything from family leadership, many roles of husbands, working life, and more. Excellent series! (you can listen online, order tapes/cds, or download to mp3s at our church website --

During the Sunday School hour, we had a Christian Education fair; tables were set up for the many different groups and ministries our church offers..and many other ministries weren't even represented! It is so neat seeing so many things our church offers and is involved with... different missions team, prayer team, the Sunday School classes, AWANA, Small Group Bible Studies, Men's Ministries, Women's Ministries, the youth group, Fun Food and Fellowship, and more.

I head up our Fun Food and Fellowship ministry. This is one of the neatest ministries I've ever heard of in any church for getting to know people. It isn't a "spiritual" ministry per se, but rather it is a way for folks from our church to meet and connect with others they may or may not already know. It was a great way for me to get to know many people after moving here, and I still love being involved in it. Here's what it's all about: People (individuals, couples, families) sign up to be part of a group every four months. After praying for God to show me who to put in what group, each group is assigned four families/couples/individuals. If possible, I try and mix ages -- some younger couples, some older couples, some families, some couples, some individuals. Then, for the next four months, each unit in the group takes a turn hosting the rest of the group in their home. The monthly "host" is in charge of setting the menu and telling the others what to bring for the meal as well as determining what, if any, activity will take place after the meal. It may be playing games, taking a walk, "just" talking, or more. It is up to your group when to meet and where -- some folks don't have a big enough home and host their meal at our church. It might be a meal after church on Sunday or a supper in the middle of the week...whatever works best for those involved. We have gotten to know so many people that we probably never would have REALLY gotten to know by being involved with FFF. If your church is big enough to support a ministry like this....try it!

Over the next few days I hope to (finally!) share some more photos -- of my kids (of course!) and of the Carter clan that got together for a great evening Saturday night...all but two of the "kids" were able to be there with their families. We wiped out a crate of corn (Carter's, of course!).

Hugs to you all...and thanks for the prayers!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Three's a charm?

No, not kids! This isn't a subtle announcement or anything. Three new postings in one day!

Today was a great day at the market, yet it took it's affect on me once again. I went straight to bed when I got home and rested/slept until about an hour ago where I stumbled downstairs to take a warm bath. Walking into the bathroom...I got a much needed laugh.

Picture this (because I didn't have my camera handy): A little boy on the potty earnestly "reading" a Focus on the Family magazine. I laughed so hard, he sheepishly (an appropriate adjective for my little shepherd boy) started to put down the magazine until I asked what he was doing.

"Well, Mama, I had to go poopy, so I thought I'd read while I was doing it. These kids are not being very nice, Mama."

Hm. Wonder if reading while in the loo is something that's just bred into each of us. (you don't have to answer) And I wonder if the article on table manners that Luke was "reading" will affect (in a positive way) his behavior at the supper table....

Two in a row!

Yep, another new post! As I clicked "publish post," I heard Susi going upstairs, flipping on the light, and informing her brother, "Luke, it is time to wake up. The sun is up! Wake up and play with me. I will be the puppy and you will be the kid."

"No, Susanna. I will be a puppy, too. But I can't get up. My, um, I'm, uh, I'm TIRED. Everything is TIRED. Here, you can just go to sleep, too."

She's being persistent...I think he's getting up....but they need someone to play the kid so they can both be puppies....anyone wanna come be the kid?

My Dreamers

Sometimes I think we should have named Luke "Joseph." Luke is a dreamer. Not only during the day time with the things he thinks up, but especially at night. There are many times I hear him laughing and giggling in his sleep (hm, maybe "Isaac"?), times I hear some whimpers, and then there are the times he comes downstairs to crawl into bed with us and tell us his dreams. I have to admit, it's very rare that I remember a word he says, as I'm usually trying to enjoy my own dream time....

Susi joined us around 6:30 this morning to share her latest dream...there was a lady monster in the woods who was holding a little tiny baby. She didn't go in the woods, but I did and some how made it out okay after Daddy came in after us and made that lady monster go away.

Tony comes up with some doozies of dreams at times, but I don't really remember my own -- except when I was pregnant and had REALLY vivid and unusual dreams...maybe that's where my kids get their dreams from (or where I got my dreams).

Okay, maybe my musings didn't make much sense this morning, but's another new blog!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Too soon...

Ah, I updated my blog too soon. My body has betrayed me. Or have I betrayed my body? I worked all day at the market, taking my usual hour break in the early afternoon to get some rest, but it was a busy day! High temperatures, very humid, not good conditions for me as those are all triggers....and after coming home and relaxing for about thirty minutes, my body said "enough!" I've spent most of the evening in bed, sleeping, praying, and tired of the shakiness, etc.

Oh, well, at least tomorrow I only work the afternoon...and when I work all day Saturday, the weather conditions are favorable -- very cool day (maybe not even reaching the 70s!). Keep me in your prayers.....


Wow, it's been awhile since I've blogged, but life's been busy! I love this time of year, though. We are crazy busy at the market selling all kinds of stuff, along with so MUCH of our own produce! We have our own carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, cucumbers, zucchini, summer squash, shell peas, green and wax beans, sweet corn, tomatoes and more tomatoes, green peppers, egg plant, pickling cucumbers, dill, and have also (finally!) started bringing in the long anticipated melons (muskmelons and passport melons...watermelons will start in a week or less). We had a slow start this year on produce, but God has been so good to us! Even earlier this week when we were wondering what to do about all the beans we have (Tony assured me he didn't plant very much and we probably wouldn't have any to can for ourselves....I've already canned three bushel!), an area school stopped in to order 300 pounds of beans! Minnesota started a program a year back or so that supports schools to buy local produce and can/freeze it for student lunches...the state reimburses the school most if not all of the money...we're caught up on beans, now!

I also finally talked with my doctor yesterday about what to do next with all this health stuff. I know so many of you have been praying, and I really appreciate it! Your prayers have helped, and many of my symptoms have gone away or have been greatly reduced. I've learned to recognize (and usually avoid!) many of the triggers as well as things to counter when I'm feeling ishy (that's a word from my MIL, isn't it great?). Getting a couple hours rest, even if it's just quiet solitude, every afternoon is crucial, as is starting the day with prayer, protein, and vitamins! Drinking plenty of water. Not overdoing things (ha!) and cutting back on other things. Anyway, my doc feels that the best thing to do at this point, since things are better, is to just wait it out. If stuff starts happening again in the future, there will be more tests. However, God willing, I won't have to deal with it any more!

I also got an email update on Angela that I'll share with you all.....Angela is back to work for the dentist, she is wearing contact lenses on the eye where the tumor was removed, She will need to have the stitches removed first before she will know if there is any vision lost from the eye, we will know in about four weeks from now. Far as she knows, there is little or no change how she can see out of her eyes at present. Thank you for all of your prayers again.

Tony and I attended a funeral/memorial service for Jane's husband Lowell on Monday. It was definitely more of a memorial service than anything else. There was so much laughter in reminiscing about Lowell, and you could tell from things the family said how much love their was in their home growing up and even now. I learned more things about Lowell that I wish I knew when he was alive (isn't that always the case?) like how he knew so much about plants and flowers -- there was so much I would've asked him, if I only knew! And the shell that used to be home to Lowell's spirit looked so at peace, so relaxed -- after all, he is home now and no longer suffering. One granddaughter did tell her mother that she didn't think he'd be too happy if he knew they put lip stick on him!

My summer Bible study is winding down. My SIL Lori and niece Carrie returned home to Iowa this week, and as she's an integral part of our Bible study group, we usually end when she leaves but will be wrapping up one last chapter next week. What an awesome study on the Harmony of the Gospels! We plan to finish it next year....

Lots of family now. Mark and Beth moved back to Park Rapids (did I write that already?) along with their two youngest Tessa and Steven. Carla and her girls are here right now through this week before closing up their cabin in Canada and heading to new adventures in Rome. Dwight and his business partner along with Juan's son Jose are on their way here after arriving in the States late Monday (early Tuesday) morning. The new house my in-laws are putting up will -- hopefully! -- arrive today to put on the foundation. Things are really happening!

It's also been a blast (usually) enjoying my kids....but that is a whole other blog! There may be time tomorrow to write some more...but after that, hang on tight! Next week is going to be another wild ride as we approach what is usually our biggest day of the year....Labor Day!

And as predicted at our wedding, my love for Tony continues to deepen in ways I never imagined it could. Newly weds are so naive! You think there is no way you could love that wonderful person even more than you do on that day. But then life happens. Kids happen. Ups and downs happen. Health issues come up. Finances go crazy. Things that might break marriages when two people truly are not committed. And when two people truly love each other and are absolutely committed through thick and thin, good and bad, it just deepens love and makes it grow. How I love and appreciate that wonderful man God blessed me with!

And thank you....each one of you....for your prayers and encouragement. And just for being you.

Friday, August 15, 2008

A productive day...

I'm just now getting ready to go to sleep...and have no doubt I'll nod off quickly! I was on a "canning" roll today, preserving goodies for my family during the winter. I started off yesterday with a mere 20 quarts of our own green beans (and plan to do another two bushel in a few hours after waking up) then continued today with pears -- 66 quarts of pears! 21 of spiced pears (cinnamon and clove), 21 of vanilla pears, and the rest just "plain" pears! After shelling peas along with Tony and my in-laws (and a bit of help from Luke!), I wrapped up the night canning 16 pints of peas...those will be for Tony and Luke as Susi takes after her Mama and wants nothing to do with them!

My parents recently found a second canner for me at a garage sale. It looks to be brand new! And I'll tell ya, that extra canner has made a world of difference. Now, when one batch is done processing, I can immediately start another load while the first one is depressurizing. (Yeah, those of you who aren't familiar with canning probably have no idea what I'm talking about!)

there's something so deeply satisfying in preserving food for your family for the winter. Today was just the start. I hope to can lots of tomatoes, tomato juice, spaghetti sauce, chicken soup, maybe some beef stew, and peaches before this canning season is over. And it's been a blast teaching my niece Tessa how to can as well.

Before closing, I did want to do a follow up to the Wolff family. Lowell did go home to be with Jesus Wednesday morning. Please continue to pray for their family during this time of earthly loss.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Yet another call to prayer

I have such an aching heart right now. Tonight I found out my friend Jane's husband is not doing very well. Lowell and Jane celebrated their 50th anniversary 'round about the time my in-laws did. Jane played the organ at our wedding. Their kids grew up with Tony and his siblings. We've gotten to be friends...Jane and I emailing each other, enjoying each other's blogs (see the link to her blog to the left--especially enjoyable are the times she's written about newly married life!), sitting a pew in front or behind at church, seeing Lowell turn around and give a look when our kids got a bit too loud...but always with a twinkle in his eye.

Almost as long as I've known him, Lowell has been having health issues, but they've greatly increased the past couple years to the point where he often was unable to go out of the house. It has been a delight seeing him in church regularly the past several months. This past weekend, his health problems increased even more. Monday he was taken to the ICU in Fargo and was put on life support because of a bleeding anurism that the doctors cannot operate on. Tomorrow the plan is to pull the plug. Right now life support is what is keeping him alive, so Lowell most likely will have his eternal home coming tomorrow.

As we told the kids tonight to pray for Simone (Luke's friend and Lowell's granddaughter) and her family because her grandpa is sick and will soon be with Jesus in heaven, Luke and Susanna quickly said, "we are going to be sad, too." But Susanna, with a child's insight, wisdom, and straight-forwardness added "But other people waiting for him in heaven will not be sad. And Jesus will not be sad, either!"

Please pray for the Wolff family during this difficult time. I am so thankful that they know Jesus and will be getting their comfort from Him, but having to say goodbye is never easy, no matter what the circumstances.

Jane, Brownie, and any other family members that may read my are in my thoughts and prayers. May God comfort you during this time and in the times to come.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Update on me

Hi all -- today was what I was TOLD was an EEG to determine if I had peripheral neuropathy or not, trying to get to the root of all the health problems I've had lately. What it was instead was an EMG which involved electric shocks (they likened it before the doctor started to touching an electric fence) and lots of needle jabs deep into muscle tissue. I'm wondering now if they deliberately told me it was an EEG so I would show up today!

At one point after having electical shocks up and down different parts of my arms and legs (thankfully only on the right side of my body!) and now having needles jabbed throughout the same locations (and WIGGLED on top of that while he was telling me to push my muscles further into the needles!), I told him through tears that it had been easier going through induced labor for 24 hours with Luke while not having the relief of an epidural. Another time, after yet another scream from me and more tears, he must have thought he'd lighten the mood by telling me that people often have that reaction when it's a rainy day like today was. It didn't lighten the mood, nor did it invoke any humor on my part, just in case that was his intention, too.

Final results today -- I do NOT have peripheral neuropathy. All my muscles and nerves are very healthy, thank you very much. He even suspected during the physical exam that I may have some carpal tunnel in my right wrist and was able to rule that out completely. He did determine that I do have advanced plantars fascitis (spelling?) in my right foot which explains the pain I've been having in my heel and arch.

More questions were raised, though. I wanted to verify that what he was doing did comletely rule out MS and he told me that it did not...he was testing the peripheral nervous system while MS affects the central nervous system...and was inclined to think my doctor and neurologist should check more into the MS side. Yippee.

While they told me there are usually no problems after the tests he did today, it took me over ten minutes to hobble to my car. My leg felt like it was in a constant cramp and I couldn't put much weight on it, and even after I got to my car, I sat there for almost 15 minutes and cried from the pain in my leg and arm before trying to call Tony on the cell phone. I couldn't even curl my hand into a loose fist, and I couldn't lift anything at all on the right side, not even the door handle to open my door. After resting in my car for about 30 minutes, I drove to Starbucks and got something to drink while curling up in one of the easy chairs and resting for another 45 minutes before starting for home. The usual 90 minute drive took about 2 1/2 hours while dealing with limited motor skills and heavy rain on top of that. Now, almost five hours later, my muscles are more relaxed in my leg and it feels like I have pins sticking all over my leg.

For now, this doctor told me that all today resulted in was eliminating peripheral nerve problems and opening the door to even more questions and potentially more tests. I hope and pray that they aren't anything like today!

As for me (at least BEFORE the tests!), I'm doing better than I was a month ago. I'm forcing myself to take regular rests during the day, cut back on so much stuff (anyone wanna come and clean house for me?), and taking my vitamins (watkins, of course!). I've lost 17 pounds without trying in the past month...and am not complaining about that! But it is frustrating not knowing what is going on. It's even more frustrating knowing my health limitations are causing even more work for Tony, but he has been wonderful in helping wherever he can (mainly in taking the kids with him at different times during the day as well as getting meals ready).

I am so thankful God has been giving me strength, physical and mental and spiritual, to get through each day, sometimes (like today) each minute. I am so thankful to all of you out there who have been praying for me. And I am even more thankful that one day I'll have a brand new body without any of the troubles this current one has! And I am thankful that, while it feels like what I'm going through is horrible and awful and terrible, I really do have good health compared to so many others out there. I have a friend who is battling affects of Lyme's disease and lupus, another acquaintance from church who is in ICU trying to get stablized before they amputate her legs, someone else on my prayer list who is battling cancer for the third time, the wife of a friend's friend who is dying of a rare form of blood cancer after having just given birth to a beautiful baby who doctors wanted to abort to save the mother's life, and there is so much more. Through it all, for me and these others, God is good...and has a plan. And knowing that, even if I never know what that plan is, is what gets me through each day (along with the prayers of all of you).

I don't know what is next. I'll let ya know when I do!

Thanks for your continued prayers......

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Farm Kids

Take a close look at my feminine little girl's attire and actions..... (she comes home from the farm even dirtier than Luke usually!)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Update on Angela

This was the update we received yesterday....


We have received the update from Angela’s doctor, who did the surgery to remove a cancers tumor from her eye Monday of this week. The lab did the biopsy on the tumor and found that it was melanoma’ the report also stated that it was in the early stages of cancer, on the percentage level of a hundred, the doctor said it was on the scale only about 1 to 5 percent that is good and marvels news. Angela is recovering very good from the surgery, she still has pain in her eye and still swollen. We are rejoicing for the good news we received, we thank you all, for all your prayers, especially we thank Our HEVENLY FATHER for watching over Angela under very stressful circumcises.

Thank you again for your prayers.

Gabe & Dar

Angela’s email is.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

How do you keep a boy quiet?

This is a question Tony asked last night as we were going to sleep. Luke CONSTANTLY has to be making some kind of noise, whether it is truck sounds, animal sounds, grunts, or more. And this is when he isn't talking. My boy talks at any time for any reason. He talks in his sleep (he laughs in his sleep!), he talks to anyone within ear shot (and even those who aren't), he talks to his favorite blankie...yes, you heard me right. The other morning, as he was getting dressed for the day, I heard him saying, "okay, softie, I'm going downstairs now. I know, softie, I'll miss you, too, but I'll just be downstairs. OkAY! softie, I'll take you with me. Come on!"

We love him dearly. We laugh at the things he says (usually), and wonder how he can make some of the noises he does...but we just cannot figure out how to get him to be quiet for even 2 minutes!

On the flip (Susi) side, last night Susi taught herself how to whistle. Daddy had left the room and she tried to get his attention by "woo hoo!" Realizing it didn't work, she tried another Daddy tactic and attempted a whistle. After the third try, she was whistling like a pro. Goodness, I can't even whistle!

And thank goodness she didn't practice once she went to bed!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


We live in an area where watching the Olympics will be next to impossible. We don't have cable, and we can only get two television stations (usually not a bad thing!)...but one of them is not NBC. I'm hoping to have someone tape some of the Olympics for us this year as I think the kids, and Luke especially, will have some interest in them!

Anyway! One of the American wrestlers is the grandson of some fellow church members. I was reading his profile today and thought how cool it was! Here's a clip from the NBC website:

Shocker at Trials: The most surprising member of the 2008 U.S. Olympic team, 18-year-old Jake Deitchler makes his Olympic and major international senior tournament debut in Beijing. He pulled off the biggest upset of the 2008 U.S. Olympic wrestling trials by winning the 66kg/145.5 lbs division. Deitchler defeated 32-year-old Faruk Sahin in the final, but his most shocking victory came in the semifinals, when he dispatched 24-year-old rising star, Harry Lester, a two-time Worlds bronze medalist. In every match he competed at Trials, Deitchler lost the first period before needing back-to-back wins to advance. And against Sahin in the final, which was contested as a best-of-three series, Deitchler lost the opening period of the first two matches, but came back to win both and claim the series -- and secure the Olympic berth.....
Prior to his Olympic berth, Deitchler's more realistic goal was winning a junior world championship. Last fall, he competed at the junior Worlds in Beijing, and though he lost his first match of the tournament, he was given an early preview of the arena in which he'll compete in August. Upon returning home, Deitchler had tattooed under his right armpit two Chinese characters that stand for "God, warrior, wrestler.''

(if you'd like to read Jake's full profile, it is here:

Now, I have never had an interest in wrestling, but it'll be interesting to see how this young man does....keep an eye out for my fellow Minnesotan! And while doing so, pray for his grandma Gloria -- she has circulation problems with her legs and recurring infections; currently she is in the hospital where the doctors are deciding if she will need a double amputation.

Go Olympians! Go Team USA! Go Jake!

Some Updates

I realized that there are things I've written about earlier that I've left you hanging on, and I'm sure several of you are on pins and needles just WAITING to find out what's been happening!

* Our friendly, pansy-fed rabbit has not been sited for well over a month. Although, neither has the fox or the eagle...hmm. I'm thinking they've picked off the local food source, or at least the one responsible for my pretty flowers disappearing one-by-one. My pansies have been thriving. But last week, the kids and I saw a baby bunny hippity-hopping away from the house into the cover of the woods.

* Luke's hair IS growing, as Susanna was quick to remind him over the weekend.

* We didn't get a front-load washing machine for now. Instead, we got this terrific "new to us" Maytag that is even better than my old one! Bigger load capacity, does a great job washing, and yeah...I'm happy!

* We occasionally are still getting some big rain storms. We've been getting lots of rain this summer which has been a blessing since water levels have been so low for years. I really feel for those in the states just south of us though that are still dealing with flooding, for Texas with all the water they got from Dolly (what kind of name is THAT for a storm???). We did have some hail a few weeks back, but thankfully nothing that did really bad damage. That said, we really do need some rain right now!!!

* I had to laugh looking at a past blog on how busy my summer was going to be with as much as I was scheduled at the market and the other things I had planned. God has a great way of getting our attention when we don't take the time to rest, doesn't He? With my sudden health issues, though, He has also provided more than adequate help for our Market, for which I am very thankful!

* Still hoping to get that hunting opener event planned. I don't think there is much to do, but finding a time to sit down and pencil stuff together is my obstacle right now. It isn't that I don't do much sitting right now, because I do have at least a couple hours of rest each afternoon, it's the thinking things out and getting it going part! I've talked with several ladies interested in helping, though, so we'll see if we can get it going for this year!

* The irrigator has been working for a while now. Thankfully, Tony found a replacement that has been doing the job for us. God was faithful in sending rain when we needed it during the time the irrigator was down. And our produce is doing wonderful! Strawberries are pretty much done, green beans are starting, tomatoes are going strong, and we've finally been selling sweet corn! Still a bit small, but sweet and tasty, yum!

* The festival our Chamber asked us to be part of (Lakes, Loons, and Legends) to sell sweet corn at is going to work out. I mean, we'll be there. Or rather, the men's group at church has been looking for fund raising ideas for their "fission" trip this fall, and Tony suggested selling the sweet corn. Yippee! They are! One less thing for me to worry about!!

And for now, I go...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Update on Angela

Got a brief email update from Angela's dad yesterday. Surgery went well, but as of last evening, she was still unable to see from her eye.

I'll update you all as we know more.

Thanks for the prayers!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Another Prayer Request

Hi all -- looking over my blog history, there have been many times I've come to you all with prayer requests, and tonight is no different. I'm so thankful there are so many prayer warriors out there!

My cousin Angela in California is a wife and mother to four children. She's a year younger than me, and she just found out she has cancer of the eye. She and her husband Glen are on their way to San Francisco for an emergency surgery. With permission to share with you all, here is the information her father sent:

"Angela had a small growth an her eye under the pupil for a long time when I say small, small like a small muster seed or a grain of sand probably over a year or so. It never caused any pain or discomfort or vision problems, it has been growing since then but mostly towards the inside
where it was not seen. When she went to her eye doctor for a check up immediately the doctor picked up her phone and made an appointment with specialist in SanFrancisco, for further observation. She has what is known to be Ocular cancer, all that means cancer to the eye.
With more examinations that she had yesterday, it appears that the cancer is local only to the eye. We will know more after the surgery; that is, if it is not in our God’s will to heal her before that."

I cannot imagine what is going on in Angela's head right now, but I know that she is a child of God and is relying on Him for comfort and healing. Please pray that God's will be done and for strength, comfort, and peace for Glen, Ang, and their family.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Health Update

Well, Tony and I are back from meeting with a neurologist in Fargo today. While we still have no definite answers, Dr. Fitzgerald seems to think that MS is probably not the culprit, but that there is something going on with the nerves. He has me scheduled for an EEG in Fargo on Monday, August 11. He suspects this may be something called peripheral neuropathy...I'm googling this to find out more about it as I'm blogging! Not sure if this is a good or bad thing, but we'll see what happens as more tests are done and more results come through.

Dr. Fitzgerald also gave me a prescription to help with the fatigue and the shaking/trembling I've been experiencing, but after reading more about that, I have even more questions! I'm going to talk with my regular physician first before filling the prescription. I do NOT like the side affects that are listed, yikes! And I'm not sure if I'm at the point where this prescription is really necessary. Please pray for wisdom for both me and my doctors in this decision. The doctor I saw today assured me there were no side affects at the level he is prescribing, but that's not what the drug site I read says!

Tell me, is the internet a help or hindrence for physicians? Self-diagnosis, patients looking up drugs to see what all the information is about them, you name it! Or is it better to be informed about one's health?

So many questions...God grant me wisdom and the doctors answers!

Thanks so much for your prayers and continued prayers.