Monday, January 12, 2009

Luke's Party

Here's Luke and his cake, which he easily recognized as Peter with Aslan from Chronicles of Narnia. Once again, Tony did an awesome job of drawing while I in turn "colored" it in!

Luke had so much fun all night long, as did his friends. He's already looking forward to his next party!

The kids had a blas playing Duck, Duck, Gray Duck then just trying to keep balloons off the ground (before popping alot of them). I was worn out after 30 minutes...thank goodness for Tony and Mark!

The guests -- Luke got to invite five friends from church (since he turned five). One friend couldn't make it, so he invited another friend...whose brother is also a friend.... Six friends, yeah, I could handle six 4 & 5 year olds....but then I realized I forgot to count MY two into the mix! They had a great time, and even Grandpa enjoyed himself! (Family came over for pizza and cake an hour after the little ones came over....Mark Mag came with the little ones.)

Opening gifts -- Luke got a much needed and very loved pair of winter boots, a Spiderman puzzle, some really cool GI Joe guys, a wooden car complete with paint (which he did with Daddy this afternoon), a light-up sleeping bag, a Larry-Boy DVD and stuffed animal (can a stuffed cucumber be classified as a stuffed animal?), a toy snowmobile, a dollar bill, and a jacket with temporary tattoes (thanks, Aunt Beth). The kids all loved watching him open his gifts...but once they were out of the wrapping paper, some guests quickly opened the boxes to play with the toys!
How I felt after the party!


liz said...

Awesome cake and cool loot! (I have to wonder about the light-up sleeping bag, though.)

Martha said...

I know another little boy that would have had a blast at that party! :) Your last picture made me laugh! I hope you've recovered!

Martha said...

Oh, by the way, you can call your stuffed cucumber a "stuffie" like they do around this part of Canada. Shudder. I can't use that term for some reason.

precious grandma said...

Wish we were there! Looks like a fun time for all, including you.