Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Little Helper

A couple weeks ago, when two little children were taking a bit too long in the bathroom, I popped my head in to see what they were doing. Susanna especially is fascinated with all things pertaining to the bathroom, especially water. Tony has had to plunge out the toilet twice this week because of the massive amounts of toilet paper she has put in the toilet. (she now knows only three squares at a time) I have finally had to keep reusing one bottle of hand soap, putting just a very little bit in at a time because she will keep pumping it out (it smells so pretty, Mama!).

When I looked in to see what was going on, both were proudly holding a damp wash cloth "washing" the sink and counter. I told them good job...which was my biggest mistake. Okay, the biggest mistake was letting two of them in there for so long...unsupervised, but still....

Fast-forward a few weeks. Today we're in a rush to get out the door. Tony and I were going out for an early supper and dropping the kids off at Uncle Mark and Aunt Beth's. We were already delayed because a freight order was late in arriving here, so I was trying to hurry the kids along, make sure they had enough layers on (the high today was about -10 with wind chill never above -20 -- they cancelled school throughout the state today because of temperatures!). Luke is ready to go, Susanna still in the bathroom. I pop my head in just in time to see her rush to the potty and sit down. I notice a sopping wet hand towel on the floor and pick it up. I then notice puddles of water leading from the sink to the toilet...and we have a very long bathroom! I start mopping them up as I'm telling her to hurry up. She finishes up, washes her hands, and runs upstairs. Then I realize something smells funny. The toilet seat is all wet. Yeah, she put the hand towel into the toilet which had been used and not flushed and carted it to the sink to "wash" the sink! I just throw everything into the washer and figure I'll get the floor and sink clean when we get home.

In the van, I start reminding her that once something goes into the potty, it does NOT come back out...and only toilet paper (three squares!) and um, bodily functions (okay, I used different words) go into the potty. NOTHING ELSE! And never, ever, put your hand into the toilet. DON'T TAKE ANYTHING OUT!!! Then her sweet, little voice quietly asks "not even anything to drink, Mama?"

AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Deep breath. Quick prayer. Another quick prayer. Deep breath. Good...calm voice. "Susanna, did you ever put a cup in the potty? Did you ever get anything out to drink?" "No, Mama. Not yet."

And in closing, keep us in your prayers. Tony leaves at 6:30 tomorrow (Friday) morning for a 2-day conference in St. Cloud. Pray for his safety in travel and for the weather. Temps are supposed to get warmer (up above 0 tomorrow!) but wind chill will still be under -10 throughout the day. Pray for my sanity with the kids, too. Being cooped up because temperatures are NOT good enough to go outside gets wearing after awhile. It was a nice, quick trip this afternoon, but I'll be home with a vehicle that doesn't plug in (yes, in Minnesota we have to plug our vehicles in during the winter to make sure the engine will start) and temps way too cold to play outside in. And pray for the kids, too, that Mama will be patient if their behavior continues the way it has this past week. Gotta get this stink off!

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precious grandma said...

Good thing you don't use an outdoor john! I can almost imagine the fun the kids would have in there!
We're sharing your arctic cold blast today. -7 without the wind chill. About 70 degrees too cold for me. Thankful for warm home, clothes, car, garage, etc.