Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Skid-ooed, how about you?

Okay, some of you may be wondering "whaaaa?" Others are cracking up, singing along with Joe and Blue (and that first group is still probably wondering "whaaaa?!?).

I'm home from St. Cloud now, got home last night shortly after 7:00 to many hugs and kisses and smiles, totally exhausted. It's good to be home, and it's great that the kids have been so good today (well, so far!).

When I called home Wednesday night to say good-night to Luke and Sus, Luke and I talked for quite awhile before Susanna got on and said with amazement, "Mama, how did you skidoo into the telephone?" I was cracking up while Luke was trying (unsuccessfully) to convince her that Mama did NOT skidoo into the telephone.

Skidoo, for all of you in the dark, is when Blue the puppy from Blue's Clues jumps into a story book or a picture or something similar and becomes part of the story/picture/etc.

Each time we talked on the telephone, Susi was convinced I'd skidoo'd into the phone.

I think overall the trade show was a success for me. We'll see how many new customers order as a result, but there were at least a dozen or more who were very excited about Greenstar and our products. Many of them have been looking for something just like what we have to offer -- lots of quality things under one roof so they don't have to go all over to order things. Many others are very excited about our private-label program with McCutcheon's. So...we'll see. I did get an order over $3700 from a current customer at the show, which is exciting, too!

Gotta go...get supper ready then hit the sack. We have Fun, Food, and Fellowship here at our house tomorrow night......

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precious grandma said...

Just curious, do we skidoo into the phone when we talke to Susanna, also? Glad your trip was successful. Trust the future results will be good, too.