Saturday, January 17, 2009

Morning Conversations

I'm listening to my kids on the baby monitor (how old, do you think, before they realize they can unplug it or get rid of it?). I love their conversations when they first get up...and it makes me wonder how in the world they even think of these things?

This morning, the topic has centered around babies. "Luke, I want lots and lots of babies when I grow up. THIS many! Count my toes." "1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10! Well, Susanna, you can have lots of babies when you grow up but first you have to get married. Then you have to ask God if you can have that many. His answer will be yes or no. And I'm going to have more babies than you." "okay. Can we ask Him now?" "Sure!"

"Dear God, we both want lots of babies when we get big. Maybe You will say yes and give them to us. As many as our toes. And after we get married. But not to each other. We need to marry other people. Dear God, please let us have lots and lots of babies. AMEN!"

I'm gonna be a grandma!!!!


Anonymous said...

Too cute! I'm glad you are recording these things so that they can read them in the future! Lilly
PS: It's wonderful being a grandma!

precious grandma said...

Looks like we'll have at least 20 great grands! Gramp and Gram always said they had the greatest of the great grands. (Just look at their faces in pictures with the grands and great grands and you'll believe them)

GramS said...

That's funny! Counting toes before counting their fingers.