Saturday, January 17, 2009

More Silly Comments

Oh, I think any parent will probably agree with me that we should all be offered a course early on entitled "How to keep a straight face when disciplining/confronting a child."

Today after eating a very messy but equally delicious chocolate chip cookie (okay, maybe it was even more delicious than it was messy, but you didn't see my kids, so that's debatable), we ALL headed to the bathroom to wash up. And even with me standing right there, Susanna decided to start playing with the water.

"Susanna, are you playing with the water?" "Yes, Mama. But don't spank me. I'm a possibility!"

Oh boy, is she ever!

Also, for some reason (as much as we've tried to respectfully discourage it), Luke and Susanna have decided one of the most fun words to say is "Obama." EVERYTHING in the house has been labeled "Obama" at one time or another. Sigh. Although I'd rather have a stuffed animal around named Obama than a....well, we won't get into politics.

Tony is home now; we're all happy.

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precious grandma said...

At least she's honest! That's a good thing! I'm loving your blogs. Just remember, what comes around, goes around. Eventually Susanna will be in our shoes some day and you can chuckle out loud like we do. Love you all much!