Friday, January 16, 2009

More on My Loving Daughter

Maybe it's just her age. Maybe Luke went through this same stage...but I really don't remember. Maybe it's her personality. Maybe she is trying desperately to make me lose my sanity.

I was working upstairs in the living room today while the kids were playing nicely together. Sus had to go potty and ran downstairs (yeah, I should've learned my lesson after yesterday, bad me). After about five minutes, I went down to check on her only to find she had slid her little hand into the drawer with scissors, which does have a child safety lock on it which she can't undo but obviously isn't a good deterent since she can still slide her hand in, and pulled out her scissors. And cut her hair. Not much and only on the sides. Oh, and her baby's hair...but I don't know how bad that is because she conveniently "lost" her baby and I can't find it either. I made her call Daddy to tell him what she did. "Daddy, I cut my hair, but don't spank me, okay? I love you very much! Don't spank me, okay?" Then I went into the kitchen to get lunch ready only to find chocolate milk spilled all over the floor but "hidden" with about four towels and two wash cloths. "Susanna, come here. What is this?" Shoulders shrugged. Smile. "I don't know. What is what?" She finally copped to trying to pour some chocolate milk for herself which she had been told not to was for lunch. So...discipline time again. Recap of the rules. "Susanna, what are you not allowed to do by yourself?" "Cut my hair." What else? "Go fishing." Okay, we'd never talked about that before or even went fishing yet, but she is right. "Touch jars." What else? "Write on anything but paper."

So as we're sitting eating lunch, Susanna looks at me and calmly says, "Mama, I think you must be Satan."

Yeah, I still love her. Plus, she decided she'd keep her brother and not try to get a new one. I guess that's another point in her favor.


precious grandma said...

How can you ever keep a straight face when your kids are around? You are storing up so many things to tell your grandkids about their parents! Looks as if you'll never run out of stories.
If it's any consolation, Susanna looks so sweet and innocent on your new picture, as does Luke. You and Tony look really good for being parents of Susanna and Luke!
Actually, I'm sure others have as many wild tales about their kids as you do, but don't often want to share them with others. Thanks for sharing with us.
BTW, you kids weren't exactly angels, either. And we STILL love you all.

Papa Toth said...

Hello Sweetheart,

I just love to read your blogs and laugh at your lovely children's humorous antics and innocently brilliant attampts to deflect well earned behavioral consequences. Sure brings back lots of (not back then)but now delightful memories.

Of course, I can only try to imagine how much of those mischievious genes are also coming through Tony from his ever fun loving, huncut (remember this word?) eved mischievious family background.

What goes around comes around...

Thanks so much for sharing,

With lots of love to every one of you. Give them a hug, even if you do not think they deserve it...


Sorry. I cannot spell check my comments...

liz said...

Let's see the haircut pics! Hahahaha--this was funny!