Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Good Weekend...

Yesterday morning was spent rushing around, trying to get things wrapped up at home before I headed to a women's retreat (held a whopping 6 miles from our house). One of the things I was rushing to do was get a lunch meal ready for the builders who were working on our new church addition for the day. Yeah, once again I over committed myself without thinking things through! But! I am thankful for my home-canned spaghetti sauce because that's what I made (along with homemade bread). My MIL prepared a salad and made a yummy chocolate cake to go along with it.

We needed to get the meal to church by noon. I finally got a chance to take a shower at 11:15. While the bread was baking. And the noodles were cooking. And the kids were fighting. I didn't get a chance to get packed before leaving with the lunch, but I figured I'd have plenty of time after coming home to pack, get a few things taken care of to make things easier for Tony, and spend some snuggle time with the kids ("no, don't leave us again! We will miss you! You are our FAVORITE Mama!" Okay, who is there SECOND favorite Mama then???).

I didn't plan on the guys delaying lunch to finish some things first. Not a problem. I passed some things out to church mailboxes that I'd brought with. Tried to keep the kids from running around like little banshees (I was unsuccessful with one, successful with the other. I won't clarify further). Then the men came in and Susanna looked at the first one, whom she had never before seen in her life, and informed him "You will sit by me. Right here." I was shocked. I was surpirsed. I was surprised he obeyed her. Kinda. He left a couple empty spaces in between them. She was happy.

I also didn't plan on taking so long to do some "quick" grocery shopping afterwards. Or staying as long as we did to see a new baby (Diana, who worked at our Market this past year, had a little baby boy a week earlier....Manassah Wallace Bohach). He's adorable. Not just "new baby adorable," but really, really cute! Susanna couldn't stop kissing him.

We got home (finally) five minutes after I had hoped to leave originally. I rushed to get packed, wrap up loose ends, and was about to walk out the door (still had to stop at the post office) when I had a call to deliver some Watkins. Not too big of a was on the way.

All in all, the weekend was great. It was a wonderful time of catching up with friends I never have time to catch up with. Of getting to know others better than I ever expected I would (in a good way). Of seeing our pastor in a whole new light through his wife (will any of us be able to look at him Sunday without giggling?). Of indulging in a chocolate fountain with Pringles, pretzels, pineapple, pound cake, bananas, and caramels. Of having a new, wonderful drink consisting of hot spiced cider with a big blast of whipped cream and drizzled with caramel (we decided that calories wouldn't count at a church-sponsored event such as wouldn't be fair, ya know?). Of playing all kinds of different games (Apples to Apples and Taboo were the favs). Of getting pressure points on our ears massaged. Facials. Hair cuts and dos. An AWESOME devotional Friday night, great worship music and Bible studies on Saturday. Great prayer times and heart-wrenching prayer requests. A fantastic salad and baked potato bar for lunch (with REAL bacon pieces, hehehehe! that's another whole story). And not much sleep at all in between.

I'm ready to drop. I'm exhausted. But I'm refreshed. And invigorated. And so glad for the wonderful sisters in the Lord that are here at my church in Minnesota.

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