Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Angel and My Star

Here is my angel and my star in their Tiny Tot Christmas program...they did an AWESOME job. Unfortunately, we sat on the wrong side to even see Susanna, so I had to go from the front row thru the back of the church to the other side just to snap her picture! And yes, they did say their lines nice, clear, and loud!
I'm hoping to post some photos of "my" kids from the older kids' program in the next day or so!


liz said...

How cute! I love the stars! And I love kids' Christmas programs! Thanks.

LindaSue said...

You should see 'em. The tiny tots are so cute.... each age from two thru kindergarden do the same thing each year -- two year olds are sheep, three y.o. angels, four y.o. are stars, and the kindergarteners are the main "nativity" characters (depending on how many there are) -- shepherds, wisemen, Mary, Joseph, the Innkeeper, the manger, etc. They are ADORABLE! As our pastor said at the end of the tiny tots (after much laughter during the performance), there is NO WAY that age can mess up, regardless of what they say or do!

precious grandma said...

I love 'em! Kids are so sincere and genuine! Keep enjoying them.