Friday, January 9, 2009

Being 5

In case you missed my earlier blog, Luke turned five on Wednesday. It is a big deal to all of us. I look back at the changes in his life this past year, and he's no longer a little boy. Well, he's little, but seeing how his mind works, watching as he's becoming more patient (usually!) in figuring things out, laughing (inside) as he insists on doing more chores (although he asked me at bedtime if he could not have to do any work tomorrow)...I'm amazed at the little man he's becoming.

I did tell him Tuesday night that if he was wet the next morning, he could not turn five. We woke up to hear (over the monitor) a drawer quietly being opened and Susanna asking "Luke, what are you doing?" "shhh!! be quiet! I'm changing." "But why, Luke?" "'Cuz I'm wet...but don't tell Mama, okay?" I chuckled and told Tony....I'm gonna have fun with this one! A few minutes later they were in our bedroom to remind us it was Luke's birthday. I hugged him and asked "so, were you wet or dry?" Gotta love a kid who can't lie to his mama! He didn't even hesitate while confessing he just didn't feel it coming. We let him turn five anyway.

Tomorrow is his birthday party. Six little friends are coming of the original guests was unable to make it, so he invited two brothers (from our rockin' New Year's Eve party) instead. We've got a few things planned...Duck, Duck, Gray Duck (for all you other Ohioans, think Duck, Duck, Goose!), and a bunch of balloons (that Tony is gonna have to blow up!) that we'll bounce around on a sheet. About an hour after the kids get here, the rest of the local family will come for pizza and birthday cake and presents. Luke is so excited, and we are too! I'll post photos....sometime!

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Martha said...

We just learned about Grey Duck when we read Ramona The Pest this week. They played that game in their kindergarten class so my boys needed to try it, too!