Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fun Food and Fellowship

Sunday night was our first get together in our new Fun Food and Fellowship group. For those of you not familiar, FFF is a great program our church has to get to know other people. Sign up and get put in a group with three other families; meet once a month for a meal, rotating homes, and get to know each other!

Our group actually has five families. We started with four, but since we were hosting first, I invited our friends who rocked away New Year's Eve with us. Since we had three families with small children, we got together at 5:00. It was a blast!

In our group we have Jane Wolff (yeah, my blogger friend/organist at Faith), Jamie Caughey (the 3-year-old Sunday School teacher...who is also known as Mrs. Hockey and Mrs. Coffee, depending on what each child says) and her teens, a new family - the Bervigs (their oldest daughter Lael, 7, was one of the stars of our Christmas program; she's followed by Nathaniel, Elias, Ephraim, and are those for good strong names?), and the Van Batavia's joined us and will continue on with our group. They have Peter, Zach, and Owen.

Okay, I didn't really think this through ahead of time, but we had ten children -- TEN CHILDREN -- under then age of ten. And actually, they played very well together and we all had a great time!

We had soups and salad and bread. I opened some of my yummy herbed chicken noodle, some of my venison chili, and whipped up some yummy Watkins baked potato soup. Jenny Bervig brought three kinds of great home made bread, Jamie brought the most delicious tossed salad, and Jane finished things off with a great cheesecake.

And while the kids played with Rescue Heroes and sword fights (Lael ruled 'em all!), we talked and chatted (is that the same thing?), and tickled little Asher's toes. Now Susanna wants a little baby around the house so she can tickle his toes all the time. Keep dreamin'!

I can't wait until next month! Although Luke and Sus keep asking me already "WHEN CAN WE PLAY WITH LAEL AND ALL THE BOYS AGAIN????"

And before I sign off, we have the biggest, fluffiest, prettiest (did I really say that?) snow coming down right now!

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liz said...

I love your fellowship group plan! What a great way to develop relationships!