Friday, February 27, 2009

Baby Uncle Tim

For Susanna's birthday, she got a baby doll from her Cubbies group. Noting baby's bald head, she decided that his name would be Baby Uncle Tim (strong family resemblence!). Susanna has a love/hate relationship with Baby Uncle Tim. Sometimes she loves on him and tucks him safely in a blanket (or her evidenced above); other times she hates him and doesn't want him near evidenced by the fact that Baby Uncle Tim is currently thrown behind the downstairs door. And oh yeah; Baby Uncle Tim picks his nose and eats his boogies.

Being the loving sister that I am, I decided to call the REAL Uncle Tim today to tell him about his namesake. He was delightedly honored....until I filled him in on Baby Uncle Tim's dirty little secret. There was silence on the line. You know the kind of silence where you can "hear" shock and disbelief? It was that kind of silence....followed by "I don't know what to say." Before we hung up, he told me to tell Baby Uncle Tim to stop picking his nose.

Well, I relayed the message on to Susanna who in turn informed me that she couldn't tell Baby Uncle Tim because he was sleeping. I told her to wake up up and she told me "I can't. He doesn't want me to." So I told her after he woke up, tell him not to pick his nose and eat his boogies.

"Actually, Mama, an angel told me I was going to have a baby." (hm, here she is being Mama Mary again) "And the angel told me he was going to pick his nose and eat his I decided to call him Baby Uncle Tim." Okay. At least that makes sense to one of us.

And being the loving big sister that I am, I promptly hit redial and again told the REAL Uncle Tim the latest saga....only to once again be met with that silence.


Martha said...

Baby Uncle Tim? Yes, the "hair" looks the same, but I've never seen the real Uncle Tim with a pacifier in his mouth!

Brownie said...

very cute.

Blondie never really played with dolls. She had a couple of them but made me put them in the closet - they didn't close their eyes and it drove her nuts to see their eyes open at night "looking" at her.

Now Red plays with a doll - not a fact that Sir appreciates.

BTW does your dd dress herself? LOL - and do I detect a tag sticking out the front of her shirt? Still better than Red - he puts his pants on - both legs in one pant leg and proceeds to hop around until someone rescues him.

precious grandma said...

Maybe you'd better teach her how to tell Baby Uncle Tim how to say "Don't pick your nose" in Hungarian. Maybe he'll understand it better. (: (: (:
the real Uncle Tim did!

LindaSue said...

Mar -- did I let out another family secret? HAHAHAHAHA (JK!!!!)

Brownie -- Sus isn't big on dolls usually....and everyone gives them to her for some reason. She'll dress them up, occasionally baby them, but that's the extent. She'd rather use scissors....and has, on some of her dolls! And yes, both my kids dress themselves...I insist they wear what I pick out on Sundays, the rest of the time it's too much of a fight, so I let them pick what they want to wear! (And Luke likes playing with dolls probably more than Susanna does!)

Mom....your smiles are lopsided! I know, I know, you're a leftie!