Sunday, March 1, 2009

You have a beautiful....

I've been suffering with a mild sinus cold. Mild in that it isn't as bad as most of the ones that have hit friends and family, but still enough that my head is stuffy and my eyes and sinuses are achy. (achey? achie?) -- Anyway, I stayed home from church today and slept while Tony and the kids went. It was a lazy day, I think the biggest thing I did today was make hamburger soup from a recipe my MIL gave me several years ago that I lost and just recently found (did that sentence make sense?). Remind me, and I'll post it this week. I lazed around in sweats, hair scraggly and yucky, a big ole zit popped out at the top of my nose (lovely picture, hm?). I wasn't stinky, though...I did take a hot bath to help with the sinuses!

Tony and the kids got home; Luke took one look at me and informed me he would pray for me because he didn't want me to die. Yikes! I must've looked worse than I thought! I smiled at Susanna and told her she had a beautiful dress. She smiled back and sweetly said, "Why thank you, Mama! And you have a beautiful...." She stopped. She was stuck. " have a beautiful...." I could almost see those gears grinding in her head. After all, she already knows her nose grows when she lies. What could she say? A finger popped up. A smile lit her face. "Ring! Mama, you have a beautiful ring!" Ahhhh!

Then she continued, "And a beautiful face, Mama. You always have a beautiful face."

My sinuses suddenly felt so much better.

(and I got rid of that nasty zit by putting some Watkins petro carbo on it....within an hour it was popped and gone!)


Martha said...

Laughed out loud at this one, Lin! It just proves that awkward moments can occur as young as four years old. Good practice for Susi, I guess.

liz said...

Kids are honest...makes me wonder how many people aren't so honest when they say someone looks nice. Or maybe they have more realistic standards. :)

GramS said...

That was a good one!