Thursday, February 5, 2009

Supper Tonight

I tried some more new recipes tonight...and we didn't even have company! I'm telling you, between Marie's blog (listed on right), Cafe Johnsonia (listed on right), another new site called Domestication in Progress (soon to be listed on right), and Pioneer Woman (soon to be listed on right), along with browsing magazines, I've been finding some great new recipes (and have actually been motivated to make them instead of just collecting them!
Tonight we had Fettucini with Chicken and Mushrooms, broccoli cauliflower casserole (thank goodness my kids love veggies...although neither were that eager to try this dish...thank goodness my hubby loves cauliflower!) (except I used the Watkins Mushroom soup sauce recipe instead of Campbells -- trust me on this one! -- and cornflakes for the topping instead of the stuffing because I didn't have stuffing), and teddy bear rolls using this quick roll recipe
So here is what the kids and I made (notice the belly buttons....and the fact that some bears have one eye or two nostrils or no ears and I don't know WHAT that green is on this teddy's face by its nose, but I ate that roll and it was GOOD!):
Here is what I made:

And while I was slaving away in the kitchen? Just behind me, this is what the kids made:


Martha said...

Your children did a nice and thorough job, Lin! Did you have one of those doesn't-anyone-around-here-care-what-this-place-looks-like breakdowns? Or did you try the do-you-think-we-live-in-a-barn approach? (By the way, did that ever work on you guys as kids???? I always thought you were lucky because you could honestly say yes and I imagined you getting away with it! :)

precious grandma said...

Mar, NO, because we did live in a barn! And, NO they never got away with it, either.
Lin, WOW, didn't take them very long to create such a disaster did it? How long did it take them to clean it up? Your food looks great. Maybe the green by the nose represented a buger :). Seems appropriate durig this season with all the colds around. Love you and keep enjoying your kids. They really are precious

LindaSue said...

They managed to do that in less than 30 minutes. Susanna has this fascination with toilet paper and kleenex and had quite a bit torn up and scattered all over! I think my first reaction was a scream (honest!) followed by my hand over my eyes which made both kids realize "uh oh!" They never objected when I told them "Clean this up. NOW!" So for the next 30 minutes, while waiting for Tony to get home, I sat on the couch and watched them scramble to set things right....and they did.

liz said...

Good job on the cleaning, kids! Post an "after" picture, Lin!

LindaSue said...

I would if it was clean don't understand. If my kids are in the room (or even in the next room), it will look like this in about 30 seconds.

Can we come visit? You can have a demonstration.....