Saturday, February 14, 2009

...but I won't kill Susanna!

Kids crack me up.

I was explaining to the kids today about Valentine's day and how it's a day we can show others how much we love them. I made a special breakfast for our family (nothing shaped like hearts, I'm usually not that fancy in the morning!), and afterwards, Luke asked to be excused. Feeling a bit lazy, I asked if he'd please take my plate to the sink, too. Here's his reply:

Really, Mama? I may?

Yes, Luke. You may (wow, maybe training kids to wait on me hand and foot will be easier than I thought!).

Wow, Mama! Thank you! (seriously, not a trace of sarcasm here). I love taking your plate to the sink. Thank you for asking me! You must love me very much! (seriously, no sarcasm, he was quite sincere!)

You're welcome, Luke, and thank you for taking my plate to the sink.

Mama? I love you so much I will do ANYTHING you ask me!

Hmmmm, anything? (this could be GOOD!)

Yes, Mama. I will do ANYTHING you ask me! Because I love you!

Okay, Luke. Thank you.

But Mama?

Yes, Luke?

I won't do anything bad.

Oh, that's good.

Like, if you ask me to kill Susanna, I won't.


Maybe he should've remembered that before he hit her, HARD, an hour later (but I don't know WHY I hit her, Mama, I just did.)

At least he didn't kill her.


precious grandma said...

I'm glad he loves Susanna enough not to want her killed...Wonder if he considered how much you love her, also???
You can get a lot of mileage out of his "love you so much" willingness to help you, etc. By the time he realizes it involves work, the good habit of helping will be fully ingrained in his mind and will be neatural for him to do. Then, Susanna will follow the example of her big brother, and ALL the hardest part of being a Mama will suddenly be easy. (I wish!) But, it's nice to dream. (PS: and some day some lovely young lady will thank you for bringing up her husband to be so helpful, etc. Love you all.

liz said...

Kids' minds and they way their thoughts come out amaze me. I remember looking into the Grand Canyon and holding Laurel when she was about 3 and her saying, "Mom, don't throw me down there."

I asked Joe, "Am I such an erratic parent that she thinks I could just heave her over the side?"

He said, "No. She probably just really didn't want to be thrown down there." Okay....

Martha said...

Luke's sincerity is touching. I was reminded of Taylor when he was the same age. We were doing little antique shop/cutesy/artsy shopping one day and he grabbed Liz's hand and said, "Mommy, I just LOVE to go shopping with you!" The sincerity and exuberance in his voice ... has never been matched in any subsequent shopping excursion since. :) Soak up that love anyway! It feels good while it's there!