Sunday, February 8, 2009

Keepin' It Real

There's nothing like the honest of a child. Or children.

As we were getting ready to leave for church today, Luke wanted me to put on his shoes. The kid is five. He has been putting his shoes on (usually the opposite feet) for about four years. And he doesn't want help. He doesn't care if they're on "backwards." Knowing he was competent (somewhat), I told him no, I had to go put on some make up so I wouldn't scare anyone at church. And off I went.

And came back about three minutes later only to be told, "Mama, you look kinda scary. The make up didn't work too good today." AARRGGGHHHH!!!!! Was the kid thinking of telling me that the whole time I was gone? Retaliation????

But then Susi, sweet little Susi, came up to me and gave me a big hug with the reassurance, "Mama, you are BEAUTIFUL!"

But then she continue, "But I'm even more beautiful!" Sigh.

At least Bev, wonderful Bev, told me today during Sunday School, "You look lovely today!" And didn't quite understand why I got such a big smile and thanked her. Repeatedly.


Martha said...

Haha! Luke made me laugh! I'm sure you were very beautiful and thanks to Bev for verifying that!

precious grandma said...

You do realize that kids and drunks are the only ones who always speak the truth!
Actually, I always thought your were beautiful, also, and I'm glad someone else notices. Just wait until Luke discovers his comments can twist mama around his little finger. Then you'll get plenty of complimens from him. As for Susanna, she's delightful! Give them hugs from me.
Tony, too. Love you all.

liz said...

I remember one Halloween Laurel was dresing up as a princess. I put some makeup on her, and she looked in the mirror, and said, horrified, "I look like a MOM!"