Thursday, February 12, 2009

Morning Conversations

I tried posting this various times today, but blogger was acting up.

I love hearing my kids' conversation first thing in the morning. Wondering what is going to be the first thing out of their mouths. Here's how it went today:

Luke: "Good morning, good morning, the sun is shining bright!" (Mar, think Ron bright and early singing "This is the day...")

Luke: I SAID Good morning!

Susanna (very sleepily): Luke, you woke me up!

No, I didn't.

Yes, you did.

I did not.


(at this point, I go downstairs and put the breakfast casserole in the oven before rushing back upstairs to hear what else they're saying)

Susanna: Luke, you are a doctay.

I am not.

Yes, you are. Luke is a doctay.

I am NOT a doctor. And Luke was a disciple, too.

You are a DOCTAY!

No, I'm not. I'm God's little soldier.

No, you aren't.

Yes, I am. Me and daddy are God's little soldiers.

No, you aren't!

Yes, we ARE!

Daddy CAN'T be God's little soldier. He's big.


I love monitors. Five years now, how much longer before they wise up?

The rest of the day wasn't as funny, though. Susanna is going thru a horrible time of disobedience and willfulness, and it's now to the point where she has been told for the next week, if she doesn't obey immediately, she'll get a spanking. No extra warnings (although I find myself asking her "are you obeying or being disobedient?").

Today, she got a spanking even before breakfast. I don't remember why other than it was willful disobedience. As we went out to the steps accompanied by screams of I DON'T WANT A SPANKING!, I informed her to be thankful she still had her overnight on since it wouldn't hurt so bad. Fast forward a few hours later to spanking number 3 (oh, I HATE days like this!). I walked out to the steps, waiting for her to follow, before informing her in a nice soft tone that if she didn't get her tushie out RIGHT NOW, it would be even worse. Then I had to hide my face, bite my lip, and choke back laughter as I saw the reason she was taking so long....she put on a pair of overnights over her pants!

She did make huge strides today. Not only was #3 her last spanking (at least for today), she learned (FINALLY) how to write her name! Well, at least "Susi." Once she got that "S" mastered, she must've written her name at least 20 times. Who cares if the second "S" is backwards?

Yeah, she makes me smile.


precious grandma said...

brings back memories of when you kids were abut that age. I remember taking one child out to the BR 3 times in 1 hr at church for s spanking and wondering how many more times it will take before something other than the "pain" sinks in. At least I felt the pain, never did figure out if the kid felt it or not. At any rate you all turned out on the good side, thank the Lord for that!
Love you all

Papa Toth said...

Hello Sweetheart. I enjoy your "morning conversation" entries. Please tell Luke that Susanna was right. Luke was "the beloved physician" in the Bible and that is a very special, wonderful position. (Collosians 4:14) Also, Luke was Apostle Paul's helper even as his own personal physician as they were travelling together telling people about God's wonderful love and working for the Lord Jesus...

We love you all/Papa and Precious Grandma

LindaSue said...

Yes, Luke knows all about who he was named after...I think yesterday morning both wanted to be ornery and not agree with anything the other said.....