Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Tonight as Tony was sewing on the couch (yes, my husband sews, hand stitches; not me....him!), he lost the needle. I vacuumed the area looking for it, hoping little feet (or big feet) wouldn't find it first, and he took the cushions off the sofa, looking all over for it.

Before I go any further, I feel I must explain this is a second-hand sofa that we've had since we've been married. It's comfortable but ugly and very worn. It usually has some kind of covering over it unless the kids are "building" a tent. And considering we have kids that like to jump on things, and we don't have money to buy a new sofa just to have the kids ruin it by jumping and spilling, etc., it'll do for now.

That said, as Tony slid his hand deep into the crevices of the sofa (oh, my stomach is turning as I'm typing....my face is puckered up in disgust!), he pulled out what he THOUGHT was a thick piece of string, maybe yarn. Instead....oh yuck! It was the tail of a DEAD MOUSE! (yes, the mouse was attached) We don't know how long it was there. Most likely from the previous owners since we never noticed a dead mouse smell (and having grown up in a barn...literally...it's a smell that I recognize)...but there was about a two week period three years ago that we had a minor mouse infestation that was resolved with us laying any kind of trap you could think of all over the basement then leaving for several days to Iowa. Nine dead mice when we returned with no signs of any others...until tonight. Thankfully, there still are no signs of mice co-existing in our house. But....ewwww!!!!! And even more thankfully, he got it out of the house without the kids seeing it.


precious grandma said...

Life in the country really is interesting, isn't it! I remember having field mouse problems when cold weather set in, when we lived in the barn, and the time one ate the poison and proceeded to die between the walls. I'll never forget the odor! It was so raunchy! And we couldn't get to it!
Did you find the needle?

Martha said...

OOooohhhhh YUK!!!! I remember working for Angela one day and she wanted me to get the mouse out of the trap on her basement stairs. I was holding back my puke the whole time, especially when I realized it had been there for so long that it was STUCK to the stairs and wouldn't budge! GROSS, Lin! I'm glad it was Tony that found it and not you!