Monday, February 16, 2009

Susanna -- the Birthday Girl

Susanna's day didn't start out too well. She kept insisting she was now five, because Luke had just turned five on his birthday. She wasn't too happy when we kept correcting her. I asked her to show me how many fingers she was the day before, and she showed me three; when we put one more finger up for her to count, she proved she was five by counting one finger twice! She also cried and wailed like crazy during the beginning of Sunday School. When she finally told me what was wrong, it was "I want to go home!" Why? "Because I want to play with all of my toys and eat birthday cake!"

Susanna's favorite part of the evening was opening presents (go figure!). She oohed and aahed over each card before casually tossing each one over her shoulder and ripping open the present... oohing and aahing over each present before casually tossing it over her shoulder and moving on to the next. Her favorite present (not pictured here) is a beeny baby horse from her big brother, bought with his own money. She's also wearing her pink fuzzy shirt from Papa and Precious Grandma; showing off her sparkly jeans and belt from Miss Brittany (yes, they are on backwards...otherwise she couldn't see her sparkly hearts on the pockets); ripping into cards and gifts; and prancing around in her Princess Snow sash, tiara, and wand from Uncle Mark and Aunt Beth (hmmm...wonder who picked that one out?) -- another favorite present. BTW, what do you get a little girl who just cut her own hair and had scissors taken away from her? A book on cutting out animals with two fancy pairs of scissors! (Thanks, Grandma Carter!)


precious grandma said...

yes, you do have a beautiful princess! (And a handsom prince!)
Miss you all, and love you much

liz said...

Happy birthday, Susi! You loook SO GOOD in all your pink sparkly clothes! And sometimes you look just like your mommy did when she was little, although your hair is a little darker. (That means you're CUTE!)

Martha said...

LOVE the new outfits!! And the fun of a new four year old! :) Happy birthday!!