Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Yet another call to prayer

I have such an aching heart right now. Tonight I found out my friend Jane's husband is not doing very well. Lowell and Jane celebrated their 50th anniversary 'round about the time my in-laws did. Jane played the organ at our wedding. Their kids grew up with Tony and his siblings. We've gotten to be friends...Jane and I emailing each other, enjoying each other's blogs (see the link to her blog to the left--especially enjoyable are the times she's written about newly married life!), sitting a pew in front or behind at church, seeing Lowell turn around and give a look when our kids got a bit too loud...but always with a twinkle in his eye.

Almost as long as I've known him, Lowell has been having health issues, but they've greatly increased the past couple years to the point where he often was unable to go out of the house. It has been a delight seeing him in church regularly the past several months. This past weekend, his health problems increased even more. Monday he was taken to the ICU in Fargo and was put on life support because of a bleeding anurism that the doctors cannot operate on. Tomorrow the plan is to pull the plug. Right now life support is what is keeping him alive, so Lowell most likely will have his eternal home coming tomorrow.

As we told the kids tonight to pray for Simone (Luke's friend and Lowell's granddaughter) and her family because her grandpa is sick and will soon be with Jesus in heaven, Luke and Susanna quickly said, "we are going to be sad, too." But Susanna, with a child's insight, wisdom, and straight-forwardness added "But other people waiting for him in heaven will not be sad. And Jesus will not be sad, either!"

Please pray for the Wolff family during this difficult time. I am so thankful that they know Jesus and will be getting their comfort from Him, but having to say goodbye is never easy, no matter what the circumstances.

Jane, Brownie, and any other family members that may read my blog...you are in my thoughts and prayers. May God comfort you during this time and in the times to come.


Martha said...

We will pray for the Wolff family tonight!!

liz said...


Brownie said...

Thank you for this - and for your previous blog note on Dad. It's so nice to read that someone else is remembering him.

He was a great Dad - and he loved Mom.

I know that he is with Jesus right now. I sure miss him - but I know that I will see him again.

Thank you.