Friday, August 15, 2008

A productive day...

I'm just now getting ready to go to sleep...and have no doubt I'll nod off quickly! I was on a "canning" roll today, preserving goodies for my family during the winter. I started off yesterday with a mere 20 quarts of our own green beans (and plan to do another two bushel in a few hours after waking up) then continued today with pears -- 66 quarts of pears! 21 of spiced pears (cinnamon and clove), 21 of vanilla pears, and the rest just "plain" pears! After shelling peas along with Tony and my in-laws (and a bit of help from Luke!), I wrapped up the night canning 16 pints of peas...those will be for Tony and Luke as Susi takes after her Mama and wants nothing to do with them!

My parents recently found a second canner for me at a garage sale. It looks to be brand new! And I'll tell ya, that extra canner has made a world of difference. Now, when one batch is done processing, I can immediately start another load while the first one is depressurizing. (Yeah, those of you who aren't familiar with canning probably have no idea what I'm talking about!)

there's something so deeply satisfying in preserving food for your family for the winter. Today was just the start. I hope to can lots of tomatoes, tomato juice, spaghetti sauce, chicken soup, maybe some beef stew, and peaches before this canning season is over. And it's been a blast teaching my niece Tessa how to can as well.

Before closing, I did want to do a follow up to the Wolff family. Lowell did go home to be with Jesus Wednesday morning. Please continue to pray for their family during this time of earthly loss.


prescious grandma said...

must be in the female genes in the family regarding the peas! Never could tolerate them or lima beans when I was younger. (I can do fresh peas on rare occasions).
Glad to see the pressure cooker helps...however...GET YOUR REST!
I know the satisfaction of canning/freezing for your family. I still enjoy it. Keep up the good work and teaching Tessa. Just think all those goodies with NO preservatives! (I'm doing peach jam and jelly, blue berry jam and blackberry jam from Gramp and Gram's. (Might make nice Christmas presents for my sibs???) Love you all

Brownie said...

thanks for your comments.

I know what you mean about being amazed - but not really - at how others appreciate the ones we love.

When Sir was in the hospital I was amazed at the people who loved him... I know that people liked him - but I didn't know how really attached they got to him! I had men his age approaching me with tears in their eyes when they talked about him.

I will need someone to watch Red. He sometimes sits through church but it's rather unpredictable. I don't want to have to think that I might have to walk out during the funeral. Although, I think Sharon was going to call someone.

We're going to Mom's tomorrow... I'm not looking forward to Red going in the house... he always runs past Mom and goes racing to Dad's chair yelling "Gumpa!" I get choked up just knowing he's going to do that tomorrow.

Brownie said...

Carla's going to be there!? I haven't seen her in years - she graduated the year before me.

Yes I'm comfortable with her girls - or anyone you/FBC get for the nursery. My little man goes with anybody (scary thought). I'd rather have him there at the beginning - I know that's what Sir will say.

There might be other little ones coming, too - you never know. I've been to so many funerals lately and I always appreciate it when there is someone in the nursery.

Martha said...

I'm sorry to hear that Mr. Wolff passed away, only because of the pain of his family and others missing him. May God comfort all of you as you grieve his death and rejoice in his going Home!