Monday, August 25, 2008

More Morning Murmurings

Oh, I love that we still have a monitor in the kids' room and can hear what they say! (Okay, we'll take it out -- maybe -- by the time they're teens!)

This morning, Luke woke up first, which is pretty rare, and was mumbling cheerfully to himself. We heard nothing from Susi until Luke said, "Susanna, if you don't stop that talking RIGHT NOW, I'm going down to Daddy and Mama's room!" And a sleepy voice replied, "Okay, Luke." Then lots of giggles.

Pretty soon, "Luke, can I wear some of your pants and shirt? But not your underwear." "Sure, Susanna. And not my socks, either." "Well, Luke, maybe some socks, too." "No, Susanna, it is going to be hot temperatures outside today, so you do not need to wear socks." "Okay, Luke. I love you."

And shortly after that...."Luke, I got pee pee in my bed." "Yeah, Susanna, I did, too. Let's go tell Mama."

Oh, the joys of early morning in our home. At least that wasn't at 3:00 a.m. like one night (morning?) last week!

And how many of you ladies have ever looked in the mirror first thing in the morning and have been very thankful that your guy married you anyway? (Although, he probably didn't see what you looked like first thing in the morning before you were married...and definitely not first thing in the morning after you had kids!)

Or is it just me?

Keep smilin'!


precious grandma said...

Keep the monitors until they are teens? Maybe if they're hidden!
As for what we look like when we awake? Gramp never let us come to the table with "curlers" in our hair-he called them lightening rods) so I never let Dad see me in rollers until well after all of you were born. Now, that's another story. He's over the shock! And he still loves me! Thank God for husbands. They see deeped than outward appearances. Love you all.

GramSchley said...

I vote for keeping them way into the teen years, hidden, of course, and you'll be on top of all the teen problems in your house!
I'm an AM person, so it doens't matter what I look like when I get up because it usually doesn't stay that way too long. Besides, if I want to get my newspapers in, I don't want the neighbors to think that I just got up. Hahhahha