Thursday, August 7, 2008

How do you keep a boy quiet?

This is a question Tony asked last night as we were going to sleep. Luke CONSTANTLY has to be making some kind of noise, whether it is truck sounds, animal sounds, grunts, or more. And this is when he isn't talking. My boy talks at any time for any reason. He talks in his sleep (he laughs in his sleep!), he talks to anyone within ear shot (and even those who aren't), he talks to his favorite blankie...yes, you heard me right. The other morning, as he was getting dressed for the day, I heard him saying, "okay, softie, I'm going downstairs now. I know, softie, I'll miss you, too, but I'll just be downstairs. OkAY! softie, I'll take you with me. Come on!"

We love him dearly. We laugh at the things he says (usually), and wonder how he can make some of the noises he does...but we just cannot figure out how to get him to be quiet for even 2 minutes!

On the flip (Susi) side, last night Susi taught herself how to whistle. Daddy had left the room and she tried to get his attention by "woo hoo!" Realizing it didn't work, she tried another Daddy tactic and attempted a whistle. After the third try, she was whistling like a pro. Goodness, I can't even whistle!

And thank goodness she didn't practice once she went to bed!



I remember when Natalie was very little, about age 4 or 5, and she had no language because of her autism. A lady in the grocery store kept yelling at her son to shut up,(with worse language than that.) I wanted to go up to this lady and say, "Just be THANKFUL that you have a son that has the ability to talk!" This incident has forever flavored my perspective of kids that are just being kids and doing what kids do. :)

LindaSue said...

thanks for the reminder, Annette...I do appreciate him and we are often so amazed at what comes out of his mouth (in a good way). I'd go crazy if I couldn't hear all his noises, conversations, etc., but was nice going to town today with just my quiet one (wonder how Tony's ears are doing!)

precious grandma said...

Think of all those who can't hear their child talk...or even have NO child. Just thank God you can hear!
As for the constant never stops with some kids. And when it does, that's a warning to see just what they are up to! He can call me any time to talk. I'll listen. And I would love to hear Susi whistle! I was about her age when grandpa taught me how to whistle I loved it!

liz said...

Tape record him. We recently heard a tape of Taylor about seven years ago, before his voice changed. It was so precious!