Friday, August 29, 2008

More funnies...

My kids crack me up, especially Susanna. She is so dramatic in everything she does! As she talks to you, she accompanies everything with hand motions, facial expressions, and sometimes full body movement to give emphasis to what she is saying.

Tonight, bed time was late as it has been most nights this summer. We decided to forego the usual story-reading and instead each snuggled a little one while telling a story about when we were growing up. I started a story about when I was a little girl; Tony wrapped up a story when he was a little boy, but before we could start prayers, Susanna started her own story:

"Lasterday, when I was ten, I went to the pond to go swimming, but I fell in! It wasn't too bad, though. It didn't hurt."

Hands going up and down, back and forth, eyes getting wider, face very serious...while Tony and I tried to keep from cracking up in front of her. Meanwhile, Luke is almost asleep on my lap, but Susi wasn't done...oh no!

"Okay, Luke, it's your turn to tell a story about when you were big. Come on! Daddy and Mama told when they were little; I told when I was big, now it's your turn, too..."

He wasn't having anything except a request for a VERY short prayer and bed...which is where I'm heading now!

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precious grandma said...

What an imagination Susi has! So delightful. Don't know how you can keep a straight face! Yesterday, after being told you have to be 5 before you can go into the garden and pick cherry tomatoes, Lydia suddenly turned 5. Papa stopped her and helped her pick the beans at the edge of the garden. I just love hearing the "grown up" talk of all the grands! And I can understand Gramp and Gram's observaton that they have the greatest grand and great-grandkids that anyone ever had! Love you all.