Friday, August 8, 2008

Update on Angela

This was the update we received yesterday....


We have received the update from Angela’s doctor, who did the surgery to remove a cancers tumor from her eye Monday of this week. The lab did the biopsy on the tumor and found that it was melanoma’ the report also stated that it was in the early stages of cancer, on the percentage level of a hundred, the doctor said it was on the scale only about 1 to 5 percent that is good and marvels news. Angela is recovering very good from the surgery, she still has pain in her eye and still swollen. We are rejoicing for the good news we received, we thank you all, for all your prayers, especially we thank Our HEVENLY FATHER for watching over Angela under very stressful circumcises.

Thank you again for your prayers.

Gabe & Dar

Angela’s email is.

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