Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Dreamers

Sometimes I think we should have named Luke "Joseph." Luke is a dreamer. Not only during the day time with the things he thinks up, but especially at night. There are many times I hear him laughing and giggling in his sleep (hm, maybe "Isaac"?), times I hear some whimpers, and then there are the times he comes downstairs to crawl into bed with us and tell us his dreams. I have to admit, it's very rare that I remember a word he says, as I'm usually trying to enjoy my own dream time....

Susi joined us around 6:30 this morning to share her latest dream...there was a lady monster in the woods who was holding a little tiny baby. She didn't go in the woods, but I did and some how made it out okay after Daddy came in after us and made that lady monster go away.

Tony comes up with some doozies of dreams at times, but I don't really remember my own -- except when I was pregnant and had REALLY vivid and unusual dreams...maybe that's where my kids get their dreams from (or where I got my dreams).

Okay, maybe my musings didn't make much sense this morning, but's another new blog!

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