Saturday, August 23, 2008

Three's a charm?

No, not kids! This isn't a subtle announcement or anything. Three new postings in one day!

Today was a great day at the market, yet it took it's affect on me once again. I went straight to bed when I got home and rested/slept until about an hour ago where I stumbled downstairs to take a warm bath. Walking into the bathroom...I got a much needed laugh.

Picture this (because I didn't have my camera handy): A little boy on the potty earnestly "reading" a Focus on the Family magazine. I laughed so hard, he sheepishly (an appropriate adjective for my little shepherd boy) started to put down the magazine until I asked what he was doing.

"Well, Mama, I had to go poopy, so I thought I'd read while I was doing it. These kids are not being very nice, Mama."

Hm. Wonder if reading while in the loo is something that's just bred into each of us. (you don't have to answer) And I wonder if the article on table manners that Luke was "reading" will affect (in a positive way) his behavior at the supper table....


Martha said...

Christopher also loves "reading" the Focus on the Family magazine while on the toilet. He has worn out one from several months ago that has a picture of a train and he reaches for that one every time! That has become HIS magazine in the bathroom!

precius grandma said...

What good advertisements for Focus on the Family! You and Mar should send photos in to the magazine with the comment that it's never to early to choose good reading materials! What a good example of Children learn what they Daddy/mama, like son/daughter. Oh the size of shoes Luke and Susanna are learning to fill!