Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wow, I'm on a roll!

Yep, another new blog! That'll teach those of you who only peek in once a week or so!

Today was church. I LOVE Sundays! It is a day of rest, a day to spend with other believers, a day of spiritual refreshment, a day of to be part of corporate worship for Most Holy God. Luke enjoys Sunday School but doesn't like Sundays too much because he can't play in the mornings. Susanna loves Sundays because she gets to dress up in beautiful dresses. Today I pulled out a dress for her that is a few sizes too big but is full of lace and ruffles. It comes almost to her ankles, and you can't really tell it is too big, and her face just lit up when she saw it. As she was putting it on, she informed me "People are going to see me and say, look at that woman in her beautiful dress!" After a quick whisper to Daddy, that's exactly what he told her when he saw her, only to be informed that Daddys and Mamas shouldn't say that, only other kids. She's had great fun spinning in circles to flair out her dress bottom and even wore "high heels" today!

Today Pastor Marty wrapped up his series for men of excellence (I think....). It's been a great series mainly based on Joshua's life on how a man of faith should live -- dealing with everything from family leadership, many roles of husbands, working life, and more. Excellent series! (you can listen online, order tapes/cds, or download to mp3s at our church website --

During the Sunday School hour, we had a Christian Education fair; tables were set up for the many different groups and ministries our church offers..and many other ministries weren't even represented! It is so neat seeing so many things our church offers and is involved with... different missions team, prayer team, the Sunday School classes, AWANA, Small Group Bible Studies, Men's Ministries, Women's Ministries, the youth group, Fun Food and Fellowship, and more.

I head up our Fun Food and Fellowship ministry. This is one of the neatest ministries I've ever heard of in any church for getting to know people. It isn't a "spiritual" ministry per se, but rather it is a way for folks from our church to meet and connect with others they may or may not already know. It was a great way for me to get to know many people after moving here, and I still love being involved in it. Here's what it's all about: People (individuals, couples, families) sign up to be part of a group every four months. After praying for God to show me who to put in what group, each group is assigned four families/couples/individuals. If possible, I try and mix ages -- some younger couples, some older couples, some families, some couples, some individuals. Then, for the next four months, each unit in the group takes a turn hosting the rest of the group in their home. The monthly "host" is in charge of setting the menu and telling the others what to bring for the meal as well as determining what, if any, activity will take place after the meal. It may be playing games, taking a walk, "just" talking, or more. It is up to your group when to meet and where -- some folks don't have a big enough home and host their meal at our church. It might be a meal after church on Sunday or a supper in the middle of the week...whatever works best for those involved. We have gotten to know so many people that we probably never would have REALLY gotten to know by being involved with FFF. If your church is big enough to support a ministry like this....try it!

Over the next few days I hope to (finally!) share some more photos -- of my kids (of course!) and of the Carter clan that got together for a great evening Saturday night...all but two of the "kids" were able to be there with their families. We wiped out a crate of corn (Carter's, of course!).

Hugs to you all...and thanks for the prayers!

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precious grandma said...

You really are on a roll! Or is this your way of relaxing? I do enjoy your blogs!