Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Some Updates

I realized that there are things I've written about earlier that I've left you hanging on, and I'm sure several of you are on pins and needles just WAITING to find out what's been happening!

* Our friendly, pansy-fed rabbit has not been sited for well over a month. Although, neither has the fox or the eagle...hmm. I'm thinking they've picked off the local food source, or at least the one responsible for my pretty flowers disappearing one-by-one. My pansies have been thriving. But last week, the kids and I saw a baby bunny hippity-hopping away from the house into the cover of the woods.

* Luke's hair IS growing, as Susanna was quick to remind him over the weekend.

* We didn't get a front-load washing machine for now. Instead, we got this terrific "new to us" Maytag that is even better than my old one! Bigger load capacity, does a great job washing, and yeah...I'm happy!

* We occasionally are still getting some big rain storms. We've been getting lots of rain this summer which has been a blessing since water levels have been so low for years. I really feel for those in the states just south of us though that are still dealing with flooding, for Texas with all the water they got from Dolly (what kind of name is THAT for a storm???). We did have some hail a few weeks back, but thankfully nothing that did really bad damage. That said, we really do need some rain right now!!!

* I had to laugh looking at a past blog on how busy my summer was going to be with as much as I was scheduled at the market and the other things I had planned. God has a great way of getting our attention when we don't take the time to rest, doesn't He? With my sudden health issues, though, He has also provided more than adequate help for our Market, for which I am very thankful!

* Still hoping to get that hunting opener event planned. I don't think there is much to do, but finding a time to sit down and pencil stuff together is my obstacle right now. It isn't that I don't do much sitting right now, because I do have at least a couple hours of rest each afternoon, it's the thinking things out and getting it going part! I've talked with several ladies interested in helping, though, so we'll see if we can get it going for this year!

* The irrigator has been working for a while now. Thankfully, Tony found a replacement that has been doing the job for us. God was faithful in sending rain when we needed it during the time the irrigator was down. And our produce is doing wonderful! Strawberries are pretty much done, green beans are starting, tomatoes are going strong, and we've finally been selling sweet corn! Still a bit small, but sweet and tasty, yum!

* The festival our Chamber asked us to be part of (Lakes, Loons, and Legends) to sell sweet corn at is going to work out. I mean, we'll be there. Or rather, the men's group at church has been looking for fund raising ideas for their "fission" trip this fall, and Tony suggested selling the sweet corn. Yippee! They are! One less thing for me to worry about!!

And for now, I go...

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precious grandma said...

Thannks for the up-date. God is SO good!