Thursday, August 21, 2008


Wow, it's been awhile since I've blogged, but life's been busy! I love this time of year, though. We are crazy busy at the market selling all kinds of stuff, along with so MUCH of our own produce! We have our own carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, cucumbers, zucchini, summer squash, shell peas, green and wax beans, sweet corn, tomatoes and more tomatoes, green peppers, egg plant, pickling cucumbers, dill, and have also (finally!) started bringing in the long anticipated melons (muskmelons and passport melons...watermelons will start in a week or less). We had a slow start this year on produce, but God has been so good to us! Even earlier this week when we were wondering what to do about all the beans we have (Tony assured me he didn't plant very much and we probably wouldn't have any to can for ourselves....I've already canned three bushel!), an area school stopped in to order 300 pounds of beans! Minnesota started a program a year back or so that supports schools to buy local produce and can/freeze it for student lunches...the state reimburses the school most if not all of the money...we're caught up on beans, now!

I also finally talked with my doctor yesterday about what to do next with all this health stuff. I know so many of you have been praying, and I really appreciate it! Your prayers have helped, and many of my symptoms have gone away or have been greatly reduced. I've learned to recognize (and usually avoid!) many of the triggers as well as things to counter when I'm feeling ishy (that's a word from my MIL, isn't it great?). Getting a couple hours rest, even if it's just quiet solitude, every afternoon is crucial, as is starting the day with prayer, protein, and vitamins! Drinking plenty of water. Not overdoing things (ha!) and cutting back on other things. Anyway, my doc feels that the best thing to do at this point, since things are better, is to just wait it out. If stuff starts happening again in the future, there will be more tests. However, God willing, I won't have to deal with it any more!

I also got an email update on Angela that I'll share with you all.....Angela is back to work for the dentist, she is wearing contact lenses on the eye where the tumor was removed, She will need to have the stitches removed first before she will know if there is any vision lost from the eye, we will know in about four weeks from now. Far as she knows, there is little or no change how she can see out of her eyes at present. Thank you for all of your prayers again.

Tony and I attended a funeral/memorial service for Jane's husband Lowell on Monday. It was definitely more of a memorial service than anything else. There was so much laughter in reminiscing about Lowell, and you could tell from things the family said how much love their was in their home growing up and even now. I learned more things about Lowell that I wish I knew when he was alive (isn't that always the case?) like how he knew so much about plants and flowers -- there was so much I would've asked him, if I only knew! And the shell that used to be home to Lowell's spirit looked so at peace, so relaxed -- after all, he is home now and no longer suffering. One granddaughter did tell her mother that she didn't think he'd be too happy if he knew they put lip stick on him!

My summer Bible study is winding down. My SIL Lori and niece Carrie returned home to Iowa this week, and as she's an integral part of our Bible study group, we usually end when she leaves but will be wrapping up one last chapter next week. What an awesome study on the Harmony of the Gospels! We plan to finish it next year....

Lots of family now. Mark and Beth moved back to Park Rapids (did I write that already?) along with their two youngest Tessa and Steven. Carla and her girls are here right now through this week before closing up their cabin in Canada and heading to new adventures in Rome. Dwight and his business partner along with Juan's son Jose are on their way here after arriving in the States late Monday (early Tuesday) morning. The new house my in-laws are putting up will -- hopefully! -- arrive today to put on the foundation. Things are really happening!

It's also been a blast (usually) enjoying my kids....but that is a whole other blog! There may be time tomorrow to write some more...but after that, hang on tight! Next week is going to be another wild ride as we approach what is usually our biggest day of the year....Labor Day!

And as predicted at our wedding, my love for Tony continues to deepen in ways I never imagined it could. Newly weds are so naive! You think there is no way you could love that wonderful person even more than you do on that day. But then life happens. Kids happen. Ups and downs happen. Health issues come up. Finances go crazy. Things that might break marriages when two people truly are not committed. And when two people truly love each other and are absolutely committed through thick and thin, good and bad, it just deepens love and makes it grow. How I love and appreciate that wonderful man God blessed me with!

And thank you....each one of you....for your prayers and encouragement. And just for being you.


liz said...

Lin, I'm so glad your symptoms are lessening. I know that I can bring quite a bit of poor health on myself when I allow myself to get tired or stressed. Take care of yourself!

And--can't move, can't visit--but I sure wish your market was right down the road from me!

Martha said...

Good to hear from you again this week! I've been wondering what's going on. :) Love you!