Saturday, August 23, 2008

Two in a row!

Yep, another new post! As I clicked "publish post," I heard Susi going upstairs, flipping on the light, and informing her brother, "Luke, it is time to wake up. The sun is up! Wake up and play with me. I will be the puppy and you will be the kid."

"No, Susanna. I will be a puppy, too. But I can't get up. My, um, I'm, uh, I'm TIRED. Everything is TIRED. Here, you can just go to sleep, too."

She's being persistent...I think he's getting up....but they need someone to play the kid so they can both be puppies....anyone wanna come be the kid?


Martha said...

No thanks. If I'm the kid, then that means that 1.)I'd probably have to run and I feel more like a nap right now and 2.) I would probably have to pet the puppy and you know how much I love dogs!! :)

I love Luke and Susie, but they'll have to find their own kid. :)

precious grandma said...

Will they take a precious grandma instead of a kid? I'd love to play puppy with them. When will they be here?