Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We celebrated Tony's birthday as a family with BLTs (sans peanut butter) Friday evening just amongst ourselves. The kids had picked out a card from WalMart that played "Foggy Mountain Breakdown," Tony's signature banjo piece, when you opened it. I had picked out a card that basically said he's still my "Macho, Macho Man" (and plays a horrid rendition of the song when you open it) -- Susi LOVES the "muscle man" card while Luke continually opens the banjo card, making for an interesting blend of music. The cake we enjoyed with family and employees at the Market on Saturday, his actual birthday.
Opening the cards

Dancing to "Foggy Mountain Breakdown"

She found my favorite snuggling place!


liz said...

Sweet! Nice birthday cake! Did you decorate it?

LindaSue said...

hahahahahahaha! No. I laugh for a couple reasons. First of all, I LOVE decorating cakes and always do the kids' cakes, but do NOT have time this time of year! Second, the cake decorator was out of the store and wouldn't be back for several days, and all they had was a giant sheet cake with pink flowers. (I almost wrote this story with the blog) There was a trainee at the store who said she could help. "Okay, could you lift off the pink flowers and make blue ones?" (the cake was very cold, it would've been quite easy to do). "Um, no, I don't know how to do flowers yet." "Okay, how about lift off the flowers and just do some piping in that area?" "Well, I don't know how to do that either. I could find some decorations!" "Okay, whatcha got?" She comes back with a hunter/deer set and a picture of the icing in the middle with green around it, the fake trees put on the cake, the deer, and the hunter. "Great! How long will it take to put on the blue?" "Um, I don't know how to do that. I can write happy birthday on it!" Sigh. Sigh again. "Okay, what if you put the deer by the flowers like it's eating them (hey, they eat MY flowers all the time!) with the hunter on the other corner of the cake ready to shoot? Put "Happy Birthday Tony" in the middle?" "Yes! I can do that!" Let me tell you, the writing looks MUCH better in the photo than it actually did on the cake. And she charged me an additional $6 for her "work." Which she didn't tell me until after it was done. Thank goodness Tony only reads my blogs and not comments...he wouldn't be too happy with that!

precious grandma said...

Don't worry about Susanna finding our favorite snuggle place. She'll soon be grown up and you can claim that spot for your own...while you wipe your tears from your eyes because your little girl has a new snuggle place all of her own.
(I like my snuggle place, too...still the best after 42+ years! Love you all.