Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pumpkin Party Photos!

some of the "characters" you'll get to meet and see at our pumpkin parties (and it also gives you an idea of how far Luke ran at EVERY wagon ride, chasing the crow!)

Come join us Friday (no wagon ride/skit/concessions) or Saturday!


GramSchley said...

This looks like a lot of work, from planning, to making (building), to actually carrying out the plans, but it sure looks like SOOO much fun for those who participate. We've gone on some school field trips to local farms with pumpkin fields, where the kids could all pick their own pumpkin to take home, and an OHIO maze in the cornfields at the Ramseyer Farms. The kids weren't the only ones who had fun, either!
Hope you are having good weather for all these activities!

precious grandma said...

I just love the little scare crow! Can hardly wait to the the Susi scare crow this week! I can just imagine the fun the customers are having, as well as all of you. Wish we were there again.