Friday, October 17, 2008

More about my funny girl...

I knew there was more about my funny girl I wanted to write yesterday, but she was waking up and well, I couldn't think of everything yesterday!

Susanna is three...and she is already obsessed with not stepping on cracks and lines on the floor. Where did she pick this up? She makes sure to remind us "don't step on the cracks, Mama and Daddy! Luke, be careful!" I finally asked her what would happen if we DID step on the cracks. "Oh, Mama. Bad soldays will come and take you away!" (remember, she doesn't usually say her "r"s!)

This morning I was awakened earlier than I would've liked to her frantic voice, "Mama, Mama! Come quick! Mama, stop him! Mama, come hayah!" I rushed upstairs as fast as I could get going (which initially wasn't fast) to a) see what was wrong and b) stop her from waking up Luke only to have her tell me as I walked in the door, "I'm happy now, Mama. Luke was twirling his belt and slinging stones at me, but he stopped now." I glanced over to the still-sleeping little boy, tush in the air, buried under pillows and blankets, slightly snoring away. Yep, just a dream!

She also seems to think she's immune to the meaning of the words "clean up." Well, except when it comes to hand washing.... If anyone mentions, "it's clean up time!" Bam! She's out the door to play with the farm dog (who tangled with a skunk last night, phew!), hunting out Grandpa to give hugs to, or upstairs to her room to find socks (even if she's already wearing some).

Hand washing? Now, that's another story! This girl would live in water if we let her! Chances are good that if you can't find Susanna, just go to the closest bathroom or kitchen and look at the sink.

There was something else really funny, but...well, I don't remember it right now so I'll have to have a third installment......

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precious grandma said...

I miss your little girl (and boy) and you and Tony! Love you all.a