Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Last Week's Pumpkin Party (our biggest crowd so far!)

Still the star of our shows!

We had no "little scarecrow" this week; instead, "Davey Crockett" joined the cast!

This picture cracks me up...looks like the bear has been beheaded! (He's actually "bear hugging" Rocky)

Some of our cast of characters (empasis on CHARACTERS!)

The bear and gorilla often wished "Professor Carter" a happy birthday as the wagon load of folks would sing along!

Tony has giant sunflowers planted in the maze this year...

You never know WHAT you'll find in a tree!

This year's giant pumpkins

I love these bear pictures!

Some of the crowds we had during the day and the activities they did....which included singing Happy Birthday several times to Tony (with a great duet from Bill and Jan Lundsten)


liz said...

I love the giant sunflowers in the maze--what a great idea!

So is the singing happy birthday every time around!

(wow, the word verification is an actual word this time--but in spanish--"carne"!)

LindaSue said...

so...come visit us! And if you come on October 3, we'll sing it to you all day, too!

Martha said...

The boys just went to a pumpkin farm this week on their field trips. It was NOTHING like Red Wagon Farm! :)

precious grandma said...

Actually,if Mar came to the pumpkin party, they could sing to both Tony and Mar. Then Liz, Dianne, Roger, and anniversary greetings to A. Carole, U. Ralph, and Liz and Joe! You'd sure have a happy wagon ride with singing all along the way!
Love your bear costume, and of course, Davy Crockett!