Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kids Say the Funniest Things!

Yesterday morning, as I was rushing to get breakfast ready before heading out for a morning full of errands with the kids, Luke came up with a good one. "Mama, does food you eat turn into poop?" "Why, yes, Luke, it does." "Well, why?" Hmmmmm. "Well, when you eat food, it has all kinds of good things in it...vitamins and minerals to make you grow big and strong and healthy. When you eat, your tummy takes those good things out and sends them all over your body and most of the rest has to get out some how." "Oh. Okay." That would've been fine....if it would've ended there. One of our stops that morning was the grocery store...and just about every item we saw, he had to know if it turned into poop or pee. Yeah. The joy of curious minds. Loud voices. Public places. A winning combination every time.

Each night at bed time, Tony reads a couple stories to the kids (although we are currently going thru The Squire and the Scroll for the fifth or sixth time...) then I follow up with two separate devotions, one from each of their books. Luke's book follows the Bible in sequence; Susanna's is a child's version of My Utmost for His Highest. Lately, though, she has been wanted to do her own devotions, pretending to read from the bookmark in her book (a folded "response" card from a magazine). She usually does a very thorough job, pointing out each word. "God says you must be good and not be mean because if you are mean, your Mama will spank you then you will be kind to each other!" Last night, she started her "devotions" and abruptly stopped, asking me, "What does this word say?" So I told her. "Zip." She paused for a moment, looked at me, then said, "Funny." I lost it and started laughing, which set Luke off, and which made her realize she said something, well, funny. Which she then repeated about ten times before I told her to finish her devotions. So she ended them with, "Susanna 8: 9, 10." Luke then had to have a turn and he did a pretty good job of repeating the devotion I just read about Jesus going to Pilate then Herod then back to Pilate...while his little sister continually told him "Say 'zip,' Luke!" before going off in gales of laughter when he would.

Yes, it was a good way to end the day...well, it would've been, except they kept getting out of bed. But...that's another posting for another day. I gotta go get ready for a pumpkin party!


percious grandma said...

I love it! Kids minds are so curious. You had terrific responses to Luke's questions!
I love Susanna's devoitons. Especially the Susanna chapter and verses.
Praying for another nice weather day for the pumpkin party.

Martha said...

We went through that exact question about a year ago, but our son decided that he was going to ask every guest that entered our home if they pooped when they ate food like he did. He usually asked this question as we were sitting at the table eating supper together.

precious grandma said...

There's a kid's book out titled "Everybody Poops" It's cute, even says that the animals, birds, etc. poop. I almost got it for all my grandkids, but wasn't sure the parents would appreciate it.

BTW: Susanna probably thinks since there's the Book of Luke in the Bible there is a Book of Susanna, also. Hugs and kisses to them both.