Saturday, October 4, 2008

Our Newest Employee

This morning, Luke informed me that he was going to be a scarecrow at the Pumpkin Party. Now, he didn't ask. He told me. He got on a shirt, sweatshirt, "scarecrow" shirt, overalls, his "scary mask" (ski hat), and a straw hat and was ready to go.

I quickly called Tony on the cell phone on our way in to the Market to explain Luke's intentions. Well, for the first hour I had customer after customer tell me that the skit with the little scarecrow was the best thing at the Pumpkin Party. Hm....what was going on out there? So I finally took a wagon ride to see for myself. Wow! It was GREAT! Rocky the Scarecrow was proud of himself for bagging three crows...he had everything under control. But then...a big crow popped out and started eating the corn. He wasn't scared of Rocky, so Rocky called in the big guns -- Ben the Bear. The crow scared Ben, so Rocky unleashed his "secret weapon" who successfully chased the crow out of the corn field.

It was great; it was funny; it was classic Luke. He had no idea he was acting or working -- he was just having fun. That little guy would hide so quietly under his box during the skit until he was released...then he would chase that crow for quite a distance before trekking back and hanging out with Rocky, meeting his "fans" then doing it all over again. I don't know who was more proud of him -- Tony, me, or Susanna -- who informed everyone within earshot all day long "that scarecrow is my brother!" Luke got his first "official" pay for work today. Tony paid him $10 which he carefully divided up between church, savings, and spending. He fell asleep pretty quick tonight!

Here's what I was doing most of the day! It was an incredibly busy day, one of the busiest we've ever had!


precious grandma said...

We would love to have been there to see Luke in action! I can just imagine how good he was. Must of come from playing David and Goliath with Tony. Now, just wait until Susanna decides to become an "official" actress! She already can act like a princess...and we love it.
Your pictures are great!

liz said...

Good for Luke! I'm sure he had a blast! And what a good thing to love your job!

Martha said...

I would have loved to see this in real life! I'm sure they both had a great time out there. Thanks for the picture of you in the market. Once again, I would love to be there, too! :)