Friday, October 31, 2008

More Kid Funnies

I've been not feeling well for awhile, so Tony has been taking over many of the household things for me. Well, at least, I've not been doing them...including making sure the kids have been keeping their room tidy -- clothes in the hamper, books picked up, beds made, etc.

A couple nights ago was the first time in several days I was upstairs with them for bed time and almost choked when I saw their room. Clothes all over. Books all over. Blankets strewn throughout the room. A very nasty smell due to Susi's disposable overnights laying all over the floor and Luke's saturated overnights (washable) still inside numerous pairs of pjs also scattered throughout the room. Ugh!

I have not been working very hard beyond encouragment to make sure the kids get up overnight to use the bathroom, if they have to go. The way our house is set up, the bathroom is two floors below their bedroom, and even though there are night lights throughout, it's still kind of dark at night, ya know? But both Tony and I encourage them to go downstairs for potty, or at least come in our room and get one of us to go with them. For awhile, they had both been doing very good. For awhile.

After seeing and smelling their room, though, I told them both "ENOUGH! You WILL be getting out of bed to go downstairs for potty, or we are going back to diapers for both of you." That horrified especially Luke who assured me that he would not be wet any more in the mornings.

The next morning I awoke when I heard over the monitor "Luke, you are wet!" "Yes, I know. But don't tell Mama, because it isn't going to happen again. I'll make my bed and she won't know." After a snicker or two, I later instead complimented them both on making their beds so nice without being told. However, that evening I did let them know I'd stopped at WalMart and ALMOST picked up some diapers but decided to wait one more day. "You didn't get diapers, did you, Mama?" "No, Luke, but I can go tomorrow if I need to."

This is what I heard this morning:

"Luke, Luke, wake up! I am not wet! I am DWY! Are you dwy?"

"Huuuuh? Uhhh, hey, I AM dry! I did it! I did not get wet last night! I don't need diapers!"

"Luke, we are both dwy! It's a MIWACLE!"

"No, Susanna, THAT is not a miracle, but it is good that we are dry."

"Well, it's a miwacle for me!"


precious grandma said...

I love it! Trust you're feeling better. We'll keep praying. Love you all.

Martha said...

I agree with Susi. It would definitely be a miracle around here!

Jane said...

Oh Linda, I remember years ago when David was little and my nephew was with us for a day and I got really sick - went to bed. My sister in law came to get the nephew but didn't bother to straighten up the toys the boys played with. THERE WERE TOYS EVERYWHERE IN ALL ROOMS!!! :(

Brownie said...

@jane (mom) I know who that was! LOL

Okay - Linda. I rarely give out advice...but here is one: CHAMBER POTS!

Honestly, if I had that problem with Red (wait a minute - I'm starting to...) I would put a pot in their room that they are welcome to clean in the morning. Just don't put bleach in in - the bleach and ammonia from the pee is not a good combination....

You know I actually have an old chamber pot... ceramic with a lid. ..

LindaSue said...

oh, Jane, there are ALWAYS toys in every room! I often wonder how the barbies and books get in our bed (I know it's not from Tony!)!

We have the training potty and someone suggested that to me, but I have a BOY who didn't aim good in it during training to start with. At least with disposables they could be washed or tossed...I don't feel like shampooing carpets all the time.....

GramSchley said...

Too bad we didn't save you one of Gram P's bedside commodes. That should have worked.

precious grandma said...

One of these days they'll figure out the biblical truth of "your sins will find you out". Luke will discover his wet spot will leave a discolored, odorific ring on his nice sheet and Mama will know the truth! It's wonderful to be little and not to have concerns bigger than a wet bed! Love you all.