Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's been a long time...

...since I've blogged about Watkins. No reason except there are sooo many things to blog about! And I have some great testimonials for Watkins, so here goes!

I think I wrote before about how I started taking the Eye Care supplements last year right before my eyes turned 40 and I started having to hold things out arm's length to read fine print. Well, within a month, maybe two, I didn't even realize my vision HAD improved, at least for reading fine print, until I started reading something at a Watkins party and didn't have to move the fine print back! That started an on-the-spot testimonial! Well, about a month or so ago, I had an eye doctor's appointment, first time in two years. Now, I've been blessed with terrible vision but am happy that my vision hasn't worsened considerably in the past ten years or so (except for that fine print thing last year). I was expecting, with my advancing age, that my vision would have had some deterioration, in fact, I had been getting headaches when I was reading lately, but I certainly wasn't expecting what the optometrist told me! My vision actually IMPROVED 20%! Seriously. He checked, double checked, and told me that yep, while I still have terrible vision, it's at least 20% better than it was, enough where I definitely had to get new contacts! How's THAT for a testimonial?

Then there is another amazing story for one of the most amazing products I've found -- Petro Carbo, the "drawing salve" (aka cow balm, beast cream, black salve, etc.). I've written about this before, too -- when Susi had terrible chicken pox almost two years ago to the point where the poor girl couldn't even sleep, PC immediately started healing the pox even before the itchy fact, she never went through the itchy stage! And, her pox cleared up before Luke's did (he had them two weeks earlier than her). Tony's severely dry, cracked skin -- a thing of the past (along with my dry cracked heels). It has dissolved warts in less than a week. It has drawn out yucky zits literally overnight. Dried up cold sores, bad cases of poison ivy, and the list goes on.

Well, earlier this year we received an email from cousins of Tony's parents asking for prayer for their grandson. He lived back east and was bitten by a spider very similar to the brown recluse -- the bites cause severe infections and rapid deterioration of skin and muscles. He was in the hospital getting transfusions, antibiotics, everything, with great concern of how bad the lasting damage would be. I wrote to Tony's cousins suggesting they call Watkins to see if Petro Carbo could also be of help (not replacing any of the medications, just helping "draw out" the poison from the spider bite). They sent the information on, PC was ordered and used right away, and earlier this month they told me there is a scar where the bite was, but other than that, there's pretty much no lasting damage. How cool is that?

Watkins also has their new 2008 Seasonal Favorites line out right now. Wow, are there some cool things! They have a WONDERFUL snickerdoodle cookie mix, super easy, super delicious. The cinnacream sprinkles are, of course, back again -- I'll tell ya, these are yummy! It's similar to cinnamon sugar, but there is some vanilla in there, too. Very good on toast, apples, etc. The baked potato soup has returned -- I'll tell you, I don't think there is anything better to warm you inside and out on a cold, winter day than this delicious soup! Cocoa mixes, seasonal extracts, cream of tartar, FOOD COLORING! There is a brand new turkey rub that is causing a huge sensation among customers and associates alike. Great for all poultry dishes as well as pork! Pumpkin bread mix, apple spice bread mix, orange spice bread mix -- quick and easy. Pumpkin butter, another big hit.

Then there are the seasonal non-pantry items! A mini cleaning kit featuring Watkins' chemical-free cleaners (and they have tiny nozzles on them, too!). A lip tint duo. A skin care kit in mango and hand care kit in lemon along with my personal favorite: A pomegranate and spice sink set -- a lovely wrought iron holder with a liquid hand soap and hand lotion, chemical free, with the enticing scent of pomegranate and spice. It's WONDERFUL!

Plus, as an added bonus, Watkins has some great sales this month! Vanilla is $2 off, cinnamon and black pepper are both a dollar off, the amazing petro carbo is $2 off, plus more savings on other great products!

So, now that I'm done with my "commercial," if you're mouth is watering, your curiosity peaked, check out my website, -- you can order directly from there and have it shipped to your home. And if you order $125 or more at a time, I'll pick up the shipping costs!

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Martha said...

A plug for the CinnaCream Sprinkles: I have a customer who ordered one and called me the next day to order four more! She's giving two as gifts and keeping the other two for herself.