Sunday, April 6, 2008

Wow, this snow!

Hi all, if you would, please pray for us...I cannot believe how much snow we're getting! In less than 12 hours, so far it's been 19 inches in Park Rapids with another 5-10 predicted before this storm is over. The winter storm watch has been extended to 9:00 a.m. tomorrow (Monday). Tony and Clinton have been shoveling snow off of greenhouses at the farm most of the afternoon and can't keep up...this is a heavy, wet snow and it's already knocking down trees in the PR area. Please pray that Tony and Clinton can keep up, will have enough energy, and that the green houses will be fine...especially since we cannot get to town to clear off the green house at the Market. A few years back, one of the green houses at the farm collapsed under the weight of the snow! Dad Carter just told me he hasn't seen anything like this.

So far, the snow is above the bumpers on our cars, the kids' bikes are buried in the snow, and it's hard to push open the front door due to snow build up...and that's under our front porch!

Thanks for your prayers....


precious grandma said...

We are praying for you, as are the rest of the family. Ron had their bible study tonight when I called so they all also prayed for you. Trust all will be well.
Just keep the snow up your way, not ours. We had enough this winter/spring.
Love you all.

liz said...

Hate to say this with my daffodils getting ready to bloom--but, that looks like fun!

We'll pray that everything stays as it should underneath all that snow!

GramSchley said...

Hi, Lin,
Hope some of your snow melted by now. I can only picture your house being snowed in and you can't get out except through a window since the door can hardly open.
As for the snow being cleaned off...I know that the Schley family knows MUCH about that from their greenhouse days. If there's too much snow on the glass, it will break and they've lost so much!! Not sure how Tony does it, but Uncle Ralph used to walk on the TOP of the frame to do a lot of that kind of work...pushing snow off, fixing the broken glass, etc. I'll be praying that things are going much better by now for the farm.