Thursday, April 17, 2008


okay, this will be quick...I'm at a public computer in the lobby of my hotel. I'm quite excited about my bed tonight...not only will there be no child climbing in with me (although, sob, I'll be alone!), it's a SLEEP NUMBER BED!!! I can't wait to try it!

Wow, I went to the "beginning home schoolers" conference today and to sum things up, I'm overwhelmed but reassured! There were approximately 350 to 400 "newbies" in the conference. I'm not alone in this! And the!

Duluth is a very quaint city. If you've not been, it's kind of built on a pretty large hill and dumps into Lake Superior. There is one street which, like Tony and I found out on our honeymoon, if you turn on and don't exit when you're supposed to, you'll end up in Wisconsin! Today was also the first time I've been here that the sky has been wonderfully blue and cloudy.

It's also unique in that there is a "Skywalk" that is like a whole city above the city. I can walk from my hotel to the convention center which is about 1.5 miles thru the skywalk -- stores, restaurants, photography studios, all kinds of business. A mess of stairs and corridors, quite easy to get lost (which I discovered on the way back to my hotel!).

Okay, signing out for tonight...more maybe tomorrow!


Karen said...

With all your activities and things to do you still have time for homeschooling???
I'm sure glad I don't.
Good Luck.

LindaSue said...

Kar! You wrote!! Yeah, I've been wondering about that, too...but we're really prioritizing some things over the next few years and we're going to do this really cool cirriculum (I'll write more on it later) where I can teach them both the same things at their levels.

I love hearing from you!