Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Am I busy or what?

So yesterday I was trying to catch up on some of the more than 200 unopened, non-junk emails that are in our inbox, reply to the urgent ones, postpone some that could wait a bit (like that one from the gal who replaced me at my old job in California...I think she wrote to me in January of 2007...and I really, really do want to reply, I just haven't had time...because I want to write a nice, long chatty note and know it will take alot of time!). That's my oldest "pending" email, though.

Anyway, I dropped a quick note to my friend Sandie who works for Greenstar as a sales rep (like me, but in a bigger territory and on a full-time basis). Sandie is a sweetie...I knew her years back as we used to attend the same church, and I baby sat her daughters a couple times. I realized as I was telling her what all was going on right now, just how crazy busy it is! But I've not had time to sit and realize it. Here's what's been going on (excerpted from my email to her):

"Got about 20 (Greenstar) folders out as follow ups from my tradeshow as well as folks I've talked with since then....have two more contacts that are good potential customers to get in touch with...then follow up calls next week.

Awana is super busy right now...I'm general secretary of our club and we have two more weeks, then awards, so it's busy getting things wrapped up with that.

Watkins has been really going, too. I had three parties in five days with two others two weeks prior...have a big open house next Saturday (lots of prep work for that!) then four more parties schedule so far in May. That's not counting.....

Getting ready to open our market. We'll probably open somewhere around Mother's Day (depending on weather, that's usually a target date), so I have orders ready to call in with several different vendors...already have my order placed with Carrie (at Greenstar)! Have my employees hired...except for my niece, we have all new employees this year, ugh! Training! We're also revamping our website, so I've been working like crazy on that and hope to have it up and online (the new one) before the end of this month. It's quite extensive with lots of information and won't be completely ready, but the bulk of it will be. Yippee! Tony also decided it was cheaper to do our own brochure for the Market this year, so I put that together....huge task but it's printing as we speak! Now I just have to get them cut to size and to our Chamber of Commerce before Thursday morning because I'm.....

Heading to Duluth Thursday morning early for a home school conference. Yep, we're planning on home schooling, officially starting fall of 2009 although we already do some school work (ABCs, counting, etc.) -- the kids love it! There is a great annual conference here in MN for home schoolers with all kinds of workshops, materials, etc., and I'm going to be checking out what's in store for us. Plus, they have a great workshop on getting started, what is needed, stuff like that.

All that on top of the normal wife/mom stuff. The weather is FINALLY getting nice, so I've been trying to wash sheets/blankets/towels to hang up outside and get a nice spring scent in the house. The wind is really blowing today (perfect for laundry), but it also knocked the front door off the hinges, oops!"

Okay, back to "real time." Yes, the wind knocked our front door off the hinges yesterday. I called Tony down at the farm to let him know and have him come put it back, since it wouldn't even close, but he must not have realized that I really did mean it was OFF THE HINGES (like I was becoming) and with the wind as strong as it was, I could barely hold it in place. I called again to clarify that I meant I needed help NOW....and he zipped on home and got it fixed. Luke was thrilled to be his helper and pounded anything he could with the plastic hammer (the only thing he was allowed to use to help Daddy!).

I did finish our market brochures yesterday and got them cut to size today, dropping them off at the Chamber in my blurred rush of errands in town this morning. Made a quick batch of cupcakes with Susi while Luke was with Daddy yesterday afternoon...leave some goodies here for when I'm gone this week. Threw a bunch of clothes and stuff in a small duffle bag for when I leave for Duluth in the morning...hope I have everything I need -- I do have clean undies and my tooth brush, even remembered to pack clean shirts, unlike our family trip to Ohio a few years back (yes, really!).

I have a loaf of french bread raising with a double batch of honey whole wheat bread kneading in the bread machine for Tony and the kids while I'm gone. Still have a few other things that need done, but for some reason, I just needed to sit and take a break for a bit! (still not looking at the majority of emails in my inbox...although I do have it culled down to only 65 new (non-trash) ones!
Both kids are napping, a rare occasion nowadays, and I can actually feel myself relaxing! That's a great thing because I've been awake since some time before 4:00 a.m. Luke woke up overnight with a scary dream and hightailed it to our room with a quick, "I'm sorry, Mama, I love you," before climbing in bed with us and taking over pretty much every bit of space Tony wasn't already using. I have no idea what time he came down, but I'm pretty certain it was somewhere around 2:00. At 5:00 a.m., I gave up trying to sleep or at least be comfortable, and went downstairs, caught up on some little things, then decided to treat my family to a great breakfast...made an "egg bake" casserole as well as Cinnabon muffins, cut up a fresh pineapple (gift from my dear mother in law), and arranged it on a plate with some fresh strawberries so it would look like a sunshine. Highlight of my morning...Luke actually realized it was a sunshine! Susanna was convinced it was a flower, and that's okay, too.
Oh yeah...Luke's scary dream. See, there was this kid and some monsters were going to get him and they took him and threw him in prison. In this hole with some lions. But the lions didn't eat him, he was safe. The boy wasn't me. His name was Daniel. And those were NOT NICE MONSTERS!

Right now I'm surviving on adrenaline, caffeine (tea), and sugar (cookie) along with my light lunch. I'm gonna be crashing soon...but it can't be until after AWANA tonight! And I've gotta be refreshed and ready for an almost 4 hour car trip in the morning. At least I'll have a bed to myself for Thursday and Friday night.


Unlike my husband, I'm not this tired....yet!

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precious grandma said...

I guess all little boys love their puppies enough to sleep with them!
I wish I lived closer to help you with some of your daily playing with Luke and Susanna...or helping them bake, etc.
Have a safe and productive trip to Duluth. We'll keep you all in our prayers