Sunday, April 6, 2008

Snow and More Snow!

My friend Jill's yard....yesterday Our yard this morning
Our cars...this morning at 11:00

Well, yesterday I wrote that we were supposedly getting a winter storm. Possibly six inches, "they" said. Well, "they" were wrong! Tony figures before the first storm passed through at about 4:00 a.m., we had around eight inches. A few hours respite. We couldn't make it to church; in fact, church cancelled at least first service...not sure about after that! I decided to make one of my "big breakfasts," a favorite of all of ours but something done very rarely. Bacon. Waffles. Eggs (Tony got some huge brown eggs at the feed store last time he was there). Fruit. Toast (from home made bread, yum!). Potatoes. Orange juice. Well, the bacon was fried. The waffles were being made. The orange juice was finished. The potatoes were frying. The bread was sliced and ready to go in the toaster. The gridle was ready to heat for eggs as soon as Tony came home from checking things out at the farm. The lights blinked off. Luke yelled, "Hey!" They came back on. Then went back off. For about three hours. As soon as they went off, my little guy went out to the steps leading upstairs and immediately started praying. "God, thank You for today. And for the big breakfast. And for all the snow. And for turning on the lights again, God, because we really want them on. Otherwise, we can't see very good and that isn't fun. So, God, turn the lights on, okay?"

The third waffle was in the iron...and was cooked enough to take out. We ate by candle light and the kids pretended we were Pa and Ma and Mary and Laura and baby Carrie (we had two Pas). Still no lights. Tony and Luke played on the floor as Susi was finishing her breakfast and I started sorting out pieces to a new jig saw puzzle. They decided to play outside. After a bit, I went out with the camera and was bombareded by good-sized pellets of ice-snow balls (from the sky, not my family). Round two was on. I have heard that we can expect another 6-9 inches of snow before this is over tonight. Could that really be true? Well, I didn't think we'd wake up to what we did, so who knows?
Having fun in the snow

I'll let you know tomorrow. If you care :)
Snow mountain

But I'll leave you with another "old" Tony photo in the meanwhile!

My caveman


precious grandma said...

The snow looks beautiful and so clean. Reminds me of the song "Whiter than Snow". I'm just thankful it's not here.
You're in our prayers.

PS I like your caveman!

GramSchley said...

My kind of breakfast, for sure! I could almost smell it while I was reading your blog. Much different than the bowl of cereal Uncle Ralph prefers every morning. I'm glad you had enough electricity to finish making it.