Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Gotta Love Those Veggies!

I was reminded of one of my kids' favorites when I read my cousin Martha's blog last night. We love our veggies...from those that grow on the farm to those that you watch on TV!
My kids love Bob and Larry. Laura and Jr. Even Pa Grape, Madame Blueberry, Jimmy and Jerry, Archibald, Mr. Lunt, and nameless others (just ask those scallions!). They know Bible stories by heart (just ask Susi when she is Miriam and throws baby Moses into the water as Luke yells "Egyptian Swim!" or when they wonder if lions really like pizza since that's what Daniel/Larry eats in the lions' den, or dancing around playing a tuba like Gideon/Larry does -- but seriously, they really do have the true biblical versions down), understand and put into practice godly character (trusting in God when they are scared like Jr. does...although they don't have singing vegetables to reassure them that God is bigger than the Boogy-Man, praying for their needs to be met like "I don't remember his name now" who ran several orphanages in England 150 years back, and knowing the simple things are more important than physical things (unless one of them starts playing with the other's favorite toy).
They run around playing "pirate" although unlike Larry, Pa Grape, and Mr. Lunt, they are always busy doing something instead of nothing.

About a month ago (I think I already wrote about this, but I'll do it again!), we were dealing with anger issues. Luke especially started wearing "angry eyebrows," walking around with a terrible scowl if he didn't get what he wanted. I remembered one of my nephews going thru this stage at about the same age and did what my SIL did....showed them Larry Boy and the Angry Eyebrows! Not only were they totally mesmerized by the video (heye, they did do "nothing" unless you count watching the video "something"!), but Luke and Susanna voluntarily told me they are giving up their anger from then on. They still have bouts of anger occasionally or pouty faces when they don't get their way, but it's amazing how quickly their attitudes change when I mention something about seeing "angry eyebrows." Grins, giggles, and no more angry eyebrows! Only problem is...I've shared this story with a number of parents at church...and now EVERYONE wants to check this video out of the church library...and we're getting angry eyebrows because we can't always watch it when we want to! Oh well, at least there are lots more happy little faces around church!
And on the other veggie front....I picked up some fresh broccoli and asparagus at the store last week. My kids LOVE broccoli and asparagus (Look, Mama, I'm eating Jr.'s head!), so this was a great treat for them...and us. Well, the next night as we were eating roast beef with the works, Luke informed us he loves eating green stuff. This caused eyebrows to be raised as I had just told Susi to get her finger out of her nose. "What green stuff, Luke?" "You know, like last night!" Whew!
I'm glad my kids love their veggies. Even the talking and singing ones.

Rita and Tony

Have a Carter's tomato!

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precious grandma said...

One of our grand daughters wanted to be queen Esther for a harvest party, but wondered how her face could become purple!
If I remember correctly, Rog loves Veggie tales, also.
I think your kids eat and enjoy more veggies than any kids I ever knew, including my own, and you guys did a pretty good job of eating veggies! Good healthy stuff! We enjoy them. (I wonder if chocolate is a veggie?)