Tuesday, April 1, 2008

More from the past

It is such a beautiful day today! Lots of sunshine, warmer weather (okay, it's "only" 38 degrees, but that's warmer than predicted for today AND it's warmer than it has been the past several months, soo.....), blue sky. I've been seeing bald eagles flying overhead as well as swans. Yesterday on our way in to town, three swans flew right above us. They were HUGE! And so beautiful and graceful. What an awesome creation God gave to us! The above photos are some shots taken by a friend of mine, Jill Mickelson.

I had so much fun going through a few older emails recapping our wedding and the events leading up to it and immediately following. Then, today, as I was going to copy some of those over here, I went through a treasure trove of old photos on CD that were from our wedding. Well, not from our wedding, but given to my uncle when he put together a presentation of our wedding. Stay tuned in the next few days for some hilarious old photos of my hubby. I will post one on here as a preview of what is to come. And to think, most people who know him think he is a quiet, unassuming man. Hahahhaha, shows what little THEY know!

Wedding Party -- Tony's sister Carla & daughter Oliva, my friend Sheila, my cousin Liz, me and Tony, with my nephews Joshua, Nathanael, and Caleb, Tony's brothers Dwight, Paul, and Jon

Dancing Gorilla

He almost took off with me!

Happy groom

with my uncle Pete's Indian carving in Two Harbor, MN (on our honeymoon)

I'll put more about our trip to MN when Tony moved me here from California (what an adventure!) as well as what we found when we returned from our honeymoon later on this week...but for now, I'll leave you with the above-promised photo...and an assurance that the Carter family is NEVER boring! (yes, one of those masked men is my husband...)

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