Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Susi

Susi Joy Carter

Yesterday, Luke asked Daddy if he could be his helper in the afternoon...and off they went! Susanna took a nap, freeing me up to catch up on a bunch of things I'm behind with, but several phone calls in a row ate up that time.
However, after Susi woke up and realized it was just the "girls," she just couldn't stop giggling....and point out to me that it is only girls now. We had fun doing art work, reading stories, and just snuggling, before she offered to "help" me with supper. I did a stir fry with egg roll and pot stickers while she "supervised" and tsk-tsked about the coloring Luke had done earlier on the kitchen floor mats (no comments from her about her coloring on the wall behind her desk).

Tony then called from a meeting he'd attended to say that he was taking Luke with him to pick up some hay. Since it was going to be another hour an a half before they were home, we had a special "girls only" supper. She was thrilled to use a "big girl" plate and have something special to drink (rootbeer) before digging in to her rice, "crunchy," and "giant noodle." And all the while, she kept reminding me, "This is girls only, Mama. You're a girl and I'm a girl! No boys. No Daddy and no Luke, it's just girls!"

She was, of course, elated to see them both when they got home, but she also informed them that supper was for girls only.
I love my kids together, but it's also so fun to have one on one time with each of them!

Susanna's latest trick (for about a month now) is winking. After watching me, she practiced and practiced and practiced until she got it down. Now, we just bust up laughing when she walks up an announces, "Hi, I'm Susi Joy Carter!" and gives a huge wink!

Hi everyone!


precious grandma said...

that wink will go straight to papa's heart! (Grandma's also). And I'm sure it melts daddy's heart, too. Tell Susi precious grandma tinks it's great! U. Ron told Hannah when she was 3) she can only wink at papas, daddy and her brothers until she's 30. Wonder how long that's gonna last! Love you all

LindaSue said...

Yeah, I immediately thought of dad and how she's going to be even MORE spoiled! She's already trying her hand (eye?) at winking at daddy when she's getting in trouble, wants something, etc. He laughs but follows thru on what he was going to do anyway...good man!