Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Joys of Raising Children in a Christian Home

Yesterday I wrote some about what my kids do using what they have been learning as they grow up in a Christian home. I'm hoping you all realized it for what it was...humor in dealing with some of the hilarious things that they do which really aren't hilarious at the time!

Anyway! I did want to share a couple more things that make this Mama's heart sing as I see my kids go about their day. I've written before about how they play "Jesus" with the full Easter story, from Christ and the disciples sharing the last supper together (and them passing around bread "This is my body, Susanna, eat it and remember me" and a cup "this cup is my blood, don't forget me when you drink it"), praying in the garden ("dear God, thank you that I can do this, please help me through it, and don't let the bad guys get me."), to being beaten and nailed on the cross (thankfully, they use a blanket to "beat" whichever one is playing Jesus and pretend nails and hammer for the crucifixion -- a Disney princess crown is often the crown of thorns), wrapped in linen clothes, put in the "grave," before the miraculous resurrection. I really need to video tape this! They played "Jesus" again this morning, and as Luke went and knelt by the Little Tykes dryer to pray in the Garden, my heart just melted...and I've called on that memory already several times today to calm myself down!

Yesterday afternoon, as they were having milk and a Twizzler for an afternoon snack, Luke told me "Mama, my licorice is Peter!" Confused, I just kind of looked at him, so he clarified, "See, my licorice is in my cup and sank in the water. Jesus went back to the boat and it stopped looking, so it sank." Wow! I don't even remember telling him that story! He may have learned it in Cubbies?

Talking about Cubbies, Luke's lesson for last night was about Solomon and wisdom. In wrapping up the year, his work was to draw to pictures of what he's learned. I've posted it below. Can anyone figure them out (he's given you clues by writing the main character's name beside each picture....if you can figure that out!). He quite amazed his daddy with how well he can draw. Now, officially, much better than his Mama.
Grandma, you cannot answer that challenge above since I already told you about it!

I haven't written much about Susanna and how she puts her Bible stories into play each day (other than the whole Deliliah, hair, scissors thing), but she plays along with Luke as he directs his "passion play" daily, sometimes directing her to be Jesus, sometimes giving her the role of the bad soldiers. She does correct him if he takes something out of order, though!

I've found that just the year between 3 and 4 years of age is a huge gap in learning with my children. I'm amazed at what Luke has learned and picked up and figured out and am looking forward to watching Susanna do the same, in her own time. She is talking more about Sunday School now, what she has learned each week, and who is in her class that week.

Not quite on topic, but something else that has made me amazed and very smiley this afternoon was Luke's music class. Half the time he is paying attention and following everything Mrs. Hodge is talking about, the other half he is rolling around on the floor, poking at one of the kids, jumping up, spinning in circles, or something else that makes me want to either take him out of the class or pretend that I don't know him. But as we were talking about listening ears on the way home and how important it is to really pay attention to Mrs. Hodge, he shocked me. I asked him about some of the terms she was teaching them today (when he was rolling around and not paying attention). What is adagio? "Slooooooow" Wow. "Okay, what is allegro? "quick!" How about little "p," Luke? "quiet, Mama, be quiet." And what about "f"? "LOUD!!" I should've realized he really was paying attention AND retaining when she held up the "rest" symbol towards the end of class and Luke immediately laid on the floor and curled up.

Why was I surprised? I mean, seriously! I already know this kid learns best when he is running around and doing two or three things at one time. He makes me tired.

Susanna has been having fun during her special times with Daddy on Wednesday nights during AWANA (although next Wednesday will be the last of those times...our season is done for this year and she'll be a Cubbie herself next year!) and Thursday afternoons while Luke and I are at music class. I'm thankful when Tony can use a "helper" and I get to have my own special time with Susi alone at home or in town!

And, as usual, another photo blast from the past, courtesy of my friend Jane (David's mom...the other archer in the photo)!


Martha said...

Answer to the challenge: Looks like David and Samson to me ???

LindaSue said...

true...but more specific...which stories? (do you like all the grass he colored on both of them?)

precious grandma said...

How well I remember when teaching a preschool SS class one child chose to sit under the table playing with a toy during the entire class. I couldn't convince him to sit at the table with the rest of the class. When he was asked what his lesson was about, he repeated almost word for word what I said and what we did! Needless to day, I figured if that was his learning style, no matter how unorthodox it was, so be it. Let him live under the table on Sunday Mornings. Something was sinking in. Sounds like Luke has about the same style of learning. Aren't you glad we're not all alike. Think of how boring life would be!